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Oct. 6, 2021

Move with Ease - Driving With Dave

Join Dave for musings, thoughts, ponders, tips and suggestions as he drives to the studios


Well, good morning

I want to call this driving with Dave

I do some of my best thinking when I'm on the road. And so I'm going to take advantage of these Monday Wednesday, Friday mornings when I'm heading down to Astoria because I want to share with you, I want to kind of give you my philosophy, basically what I think about life.

And I think since this is one of the first episodes will be on our podcast. today. Let's talk a little bit about real fitness for real people.

What do we mean by that?

I think we're gonna have an extended episode on that on our first episode with Kim and Peggy and myself and we're going to have an episode where we just discuss real people, but by real people, I mean, you know, most of us and I think pretty much everybody that we affiliate with the studio, who works with us.

They're not high end athletes, (we've worked with high end athletes), they're not elite physical, genetically gifted physical specimens.

I mean, we've all got our pluses and minuses but we're about real people. We don't want to do high end yoga poses, standing on our heads.

We don't need to push ourselves to the absolute maximum in a in a hitt class

Oh Kim does. For the people that love that Kim does a class that's very close to it. So it's high intensity interval interval training. If you're familiar with the term HITT, high intensity interval training.

We don't believe people need to push themselves at heart

We don't believe

We believe in weightlifting, but we don't think you have to go to the gym and max out or be one of the guys people throwing weights around because you're so buff, and so big and, and that's not our thing.

Our thing is to just feel better, move better, to enjoy life.

That's what it's all about, isn't it? To be able to get up in the morning and get out of bed and just move with ease.

That's why I love the whole move with ease that I'm always talking about my classes. I really mean it, I don't mean just move, I mean move with ease.

Moving with ease is really important. Like we're going through a flow and and we're doing warriors net to move with ease to make it almost dance like to move your body, how it feels well to move where it feels good for you to linger, is super important.

And that's where you're going to get the most amazing benefits.

It's not by forcing yourself into some high end pose.

But to get back to my thoughts.

Moving with ease is not just about moving with ease. It's about living with ease, living your life every day, taking a deep breath, slowing down, not overreacting.

I have to admit, I'm the first person to overreact and make a bunch of knee jerk decisions.

I work on that... I'm working on that all the time trying to give myself 24 hours before I make any any extreme, extreme decisions.

So that's what I want us all  to do. I want you to move with ease, to live with ease, to find ease in your life.

That's why they call it disease when you're sick because you're no longer in ease.

Your body isn't disease.

So that's kind of good. It's beautiful.

The rains coming down, the suns kind of coming up.

I'm just north of ChinookWashington, those of you that know the area. And it's just such a gorgeous morning a light rain falling.

I love the Oregon Washington coast. And probably I'm here for life.

We don't travel much because we just love where we live.

Isn't that a wonderful thing to be going down the road and say, Man, if I were on vacation, it'd be scamming on how to move here.

Well, we were blessed 21 years ago, back 21 years ago, October 15. We made the move.

Sorry, 20 years ago, I'm sorry, this is I think in the 21st year, but we moved in 2001. That's all another story that I'll tell you some time.

So many things in our life has been serendipitous. And if you just go with these, and let these things happen, they will happen for you.

So the whole theme of today was real people real fitness. And that's the bottom line.

There are ways to move, there are ways to exercise, there are ways to challenge yourself that don't have to be just crazy insane.

Boy go to one of our classes, all three of our classes. Kim's might be a little more challenging for many people. Some of mine, my Tuesday, Thursday flow might be a little challenging, but it's only challenging, not because it's really, really really high end stuff. It's because it's movements maybe you've never done before. haven't done a long time by

Tuesday, Thursday. We do a lot of warriors, a lot of warrior flows, a lot of moving a lot of down dogs. But that all can be modified.

In fact, if you go to a class and your instructor doesn't give you the modifications, contact one of us we'd be happy to work with you maybe even meet with you to help you develop the modifications that you need.

So I kinda like this, I hope this recording comes out, okay, it's my best thinking when I'm on the road.

So on the road with Dave or driving with Dave or whatever you want to call this, I think a good way for me to share. It takes a little bit of the pressure off of... man, I have to do this just right.

I'm just going to speak from the heart to tell you what I'm currently thinking about. Often the subject is going to be ease, often the subject is going to be breath. Often the subject is going to be deciding that you want to do something.

So I think that's enough for today. You have an amazing day. And we will talk to you very soon made the move well stay healthy, be happy. Find patient in your life. Talk to you next time.

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