Oct. 24, 2022

My Applesauce Recipe - Premium Fuel

My Applesauce Recipe - Premium Fuel

Everything I do is simple, easy and effective.  Today, a simple message plus one of my favorite simple treats!


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My Applesauce Recipe

Premium fuel... here we go again. He's always talking about food. Why is he always talking about food? Because the food industry is destroying our country, destroying our health. 

Think about what you eat, whether you choose to be a vegan, a vegetarian, a low carb person, a carnivore, or anything in between.

Eat whole natural foods. You know where they came from. You know the ingredients. Most of them... almost all of them... Is a single ingredient product. 

If you stick to that, it will be amazing how your health explodes. I mean, positive health explodes. 

So it's that simple. 

Just a reminder, get rid of that processed food. I would highly, highly recommend eliminating sugar. You know, get your sugar, if you need sugar, get it from fruit. 

Even as a diabetic, I eat applesauce. I make it myself. I take some apples, I core them, I throw 'em on pot. I cook 'em down, I throw in some cinnamon. And not only do I have a delicious side dish for my basic carnivore lifestyle, with my steak... I have this beautiful little tablespoon or two of apple sauce just as a nice little taste treat on the side. That is a whole natural food and in a crockpot takes about two hours on high, cooks down, I take a potato masher, mash it all out. And there you go. 

That's a wonderful little side dish. Doesn't blow up my blood sugar. I have some studies I've read recently that apples are one of the best things a diabetic can't eat. 

But of course you have to test that for you... As I always say, you have to test, test, test, test, test. Because everybody's different, we all react differently to different things.

I can't eat cheese. I can't eat most sweet products, most sweet things, even fake sweeteners blow up my blood sugar. 

So you need to know your body. You need to know your body by testing. The only way you can find out is to test something. If you're a diabetic, you wanna check your blood sugar a couple hours after you eat it and check your blood sugar the next morning. Doesn't take long to figure out whether a product's good for you or not. 

As far as cheese, I can't eat cheese because when I really pay attention, when I'm eating clean and I'm not bloated, guess what? I eat cheese. I bloat. 

Now I'll test it again maybe in a year and see... but this is just an example. 

So today you get my apple sauce recipe and encouragement to eat whole natural foods.

I think that's good. It's unfortunate, but diet is 90% of your health. Yep. Once you get your head on straight... diet's number two. I had a trainer one time tell me, you cannot out workout a bad diet. And he's right. 

Don't worry, you'll be okay. Whole foods are delicious. Once you get rid of that processed crap... whole Foods are delicious. You're gonna be okay. Just do it. Just do it. Get it over with. 

Until I talk to you tomorrow, may you move well, stay healthy, be happy. Live with passion. Find a purpose. Talk to you soon.