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Feb. 10, 2022

My Carnivore Adventure After Three Months

I told you I'd keep you posted on my results. Today marks three full months since I started and here are the results of my "test"

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My carnivore adventure has been going on for three months now. 

As many of you know, three months ago, I decided I had a couple issues I wanted to resolve. I was eating very low carb, but I was having these little electric shocks in my feet.

And I was just plugged up all the time and had a little bit of general achiness going on. It didn't make much sense to me. I had heard a doctor talk about how he had plantar fasciitis and when he went carnivore it cured it, the inflammation left his body and that cured the plantar fasciitis.

Well, I found it hard to believe, but I'm always willing to test things, especially when it was just a small adjustment to give up a few things to go completely carnivore on my eating plan. 

After 90 days, I'm actually pleased to report. I'm still doing carnivore and the foot pain totally went away. It went away on day two and it is still gone.

The allergies are way, way better. And my general lethargy has basically left. 

I must say it's a success and I don't think I'll give up carnivore... I did have a couple slips.

On Christmas day. I was doing great. And then somebody gave Peggy chocolate covered almonds, and I was taking those almonds and I ate 10 of them.

As hard as this is to believe the next morning I got up with those electric shooting pains in my feet. It took two days for them to go away. But obviously those chocolate almonds were part of my issues. I'm so glad I found that out because I will just totally stay away from them. 

Now, outside of that, I had a couple of slices of pear last night. Other than that, it's been completely carnivore for the past three months. 

That's my report on carnivore . I'm not saying everybody should be a carnivore. What I'm saying is keep evaluating. Find the eating plan is perfect for your body because everybody's body is different. Most people wouldn't thrive as a carnivore.

Although I think many more would than think they can, I always get a kick out of somebody. When they said, boy, I could eat steak, every meal. I'd say, why don't you? And they will look at me like, huh, I say yep, carnivore, try it out. Test it. 

That's my message. Find the eating plan that works best for you and watch your health, watch your energy, watch everything explode. 

Move well, stay healthy, be happy. Live with passion, and I'll be talking to you tomorrow.