Nov. 18, 2021

My Carnivore Adventure Part 2

My Carnivore Adventure Part 2

A full week has gone by and I'm happy to report my results are overall positive with my Carnivore Eating Plan!


My Carnivore Adventure
End of Week One

Many of you've been waiting for this report. Here it is. 

The first week of my carnivore eating plan is complete. Now, in case you didn't listen to last week's podcast, carnivore is eating only animal products and products that come from animals. Now, there are some people that are very strict and only eat the flesh of the animals, but I also eat eggs and dairy. 

It's been an interesting week because I thought it would be really, really tough, and it turns out it's not, it turns out it was quite easy to adapt myself into this lifestyle. One of the most significant things I have found in the past week, is I'm not hungry. I'm actually eating less. Which surprised the daylights out of me.

I have always been an emotional eater and all of a sudden now... take last night, for instance, I made a steak omelet for dinner. And I only cut half the steak up and put it in because I was already fairly full from my little omelet I had for, for breakfast that day for my break fast for about one in the afternoon.

So I only had half the steak, so the other half is available to make whatever I want tonight. Same thing with thighs the night before I'd made four chicken thighs and after three, I was just stuffed. 

Another important facet that I've found is not eating between meals. That's always been really, really tough for me.

What I found was I'm not hungry between meals. Now I still have the emotional eating issue. So I still crave some things, but it turns out a cup of tea, some water, coffee can get me through that. 

Now after a week, I am actually not craving those snacks. I'm not craving eating after dinner. Win win win, because that space, that giving your body time to reset between meals, I've always known as huge.

You need to let the food digest, you need to let the body rest. If you remember, I had some issues I was trying to take care of. And I'm happy to report some real success on those. 

If you remember the first issue I had was these electrical shooting foot pains in my left foot, like a current. And that was the reason that I started on carnivore.

It was because Dr. Olevedia, he went on carnivore and cured plantar fasciitis, because carnivore is a huge, anti-inflammation diet. 

Once your body gets out of inflammation, some of these issues, you're going to be surprised that clean up. 

So that was the first issue and that pain has been gone for eight days now.

I couldn't believe it. The second day that pain went away. Huge win. 

The second item I'm dealing with was allergies. Just debilitating allergies. I'd been taking Claritin or a claritin, generic brand for a couple months because I was plugged up all the time and I had this terrible drainage. I was always clearing my throat like that. 

I'm happy to report that has basically gone away. I still have a little bit, but where before I would almost gag trying to clear my throat. Maybe every other day it would get a little stopped up and I just go and it's done. So that's huge.

That has worked so far. My allergies, I can breathe fully. I've not taken any allergy meds in the past week. And I'm loving it because I get a full breath, helps me sleep better at night. Feels great. And along with that, is the stomach bloating, that was something that I wasn't even trying to get rid of. I knew that I eat certain foods or I over... I thought it was eating. My stomach would bloat. 

Well, I don't think it's overeating because my omelets now are four egg omelets with three pieces of cheese. Either to big, beautiful sausage patties or a little bit of steak or something like that. And I don't have the bloating, so it was not overeating. It was the foods I was allowing myself to eat.

It was the chocolate, a little bit of sugar I was having. The carbs I was having. Obviously my body is meant to be a carnivore or at least so far. This is the first week. And you know, after a week I'm not going to just stamp this an out and out success. 

But those three items. The stomach bloating was gone.

And as I mentioned before, I haven't been hungry. It's it's really, I'm filled, I'm satisfied to get all the food I want. In fact, finishing meals is becoming an issue because I'm making huge meals to make sure I get all the nutrition I need. 

Speaking of nutrition, one of the questions I've had this week from multiple people are, if you're not eating carbohydrates, how is your poop? And what about your vitamin C? Are you going to get scurvy? 

Well, I have to tell you, they say on the carnivore diet that normally your bowel movements, you're going to go every two to three days because your body processes, animal products fully, it uses up almost all of the product and therefore you eliminate less waste.

Well, I've not had that, I still had a regular everyday bowel movement. With no problems at all. So that's very exciting. 

Vitamin C. Am I going to get scurvy? Well, this one I had to go, I had to go research. I know people have been carnivore for years and there are no outbreaks of scurvy.

So I went and looked, there are three specific reasons that you're not going to get scurvy when you're on a carnivore diet. 

Number one it is a non-inflammatory eating plan. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, and you need so much because eating heavy carbs, you're always inflamed. So when you have less inflammation, need fewer antioxidants.

Number two is high carb eating plans require more vitamin C. You're eating so many carbs, sugar, et cetera, you need that vitamin C as an antioxidant because you are in inflammation. 

And here's another interesting thing I found in three different places that vitamin C is actually not absorbed very well.

You actually have that sugar, that insulin blocks the absorption of vitamin C. So you need a whole lot less vitamin C when you're on a carnivore eating plan. 

And number three is most meat has vitamin C in it. How cool is that... and chances are based upon results from all the past years of people who've been doing carnivore. You get plenty of vitamin C, just in the flesh of the, of the, of the beef of the pork, of the chicken that you're eating. 

But if you're concerned and you decide, you want to try carnivore, there is a solution. Eat liver. 

The top liver for vitamin C is pork. The second is beef and the third is chicken. 

Now with pork and beef. If you eat those livers, you're not going to ever get scurvy because you have all the vitamin C you need. Chicken, you might have to eat a couple times a week to get enough, but you really don't need to do that. But that's, if you're concerned. 

So my first week I'm going to deem a resounding success. 

I am thrilled to death that my inflammation is gone. I breathed well, I have more energy. 

So that's my report for week two. 

I'm not going to tell you to go carnivore. I'm just telling you how it works for me. This goes with finding the eating plan that works for you, not for me until next week and everything... and all the little podcasts in between... but next week, I'll be reporting on the end of my second week of carnivore and let you know how it's going.

As I understand it with carnivore, some of these issues, some of the inflammation, some of the things get better and better and better with time. 

Move well, stay healthy, be happy. And I will talk to you soon.