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Dec. 21, 2021

My Emotional Eating Research

I've spent a good amount of time recently learning all I could about potential solutions to stop emotional/binge eating. After hours of videos and reading I've come to a simple conclusion. In this short video I share that with you.

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Hey, I told you, I struggled with emotional eating my entire life. So I've spent the last few weeks taking all kinds of courses and doing lots of research and, and all these different people that tell you they're going to help you resolve your emotional eating.

What I found... It's funny how, when they're doing things like this, they, they find methods and they rename things. And that there's lots of great tips you can do, you know, like breath, breath is the number one tip I found for when you, in my case, I go to the freezer and I take a look at those beautiful coconut and crusted chocolate covered almonds that we get from Costco, occasionally, and they are calling out my name.

And I know if I eat one, I'll probably eat 40 and as a diabetic, that is not a good thing for me. 

So I finally came to realize it took... I compiled all these different theories and trainings and information, and I realized there's only one way to stop emotional eating. 

Are you ready? 

This is big. This is huge.

Okay. Here we go. You have to stop. 

Seriously, you can call it whatever name you want to. You have to finally make a decision that that food is not going to control you any longer. 

on my fifth day now where I did that, you know, I studied and I watched hours of videos. I mean, it's God people made tons of videos.

It's amazing how they can take one little subject, like deep breath and, you know, slow down and take a deep breath. That's one of the most effective things I found. And yeah. Okay. I'm looking at that chocolate and maybe I've even got, I know this is goofy, but I mean, you know, I hit times in my past where there would actually be a tear on my cheek.

Because I'm looking at that chocolate knowing I shouldn't have, knowing I was going to lose the battle.

Well, I I've stopped on and off using different techniques, distractions and things, but I finally realized you have to just stop. And what's amazing. Once I made that decision for five days now, I haven't craved sugar.

I haven't craved that comfort food. I haven't craved bakery. I haven't even craved in between meal eating, which is turning out to be huge. 

The more I stop... the better off I am. 

So that's my message for today. 

Oh, and there's one other thing. The other thing that they recommend, I think most of them, the common denominator is we're slowing down, breath, obviously distracting yourself and support community. 

Well, here you are in the fitness warriors. If you're an emotional eater, lean on us, let's all work together, lean on each other and let's beat this thing once and for all. 

It's just ridiculous... thing about it. I let that little chocolate almond or that donut or that... some other piece of garbage control my life.

That sucks.

And I'm done with it. I am so done. I was talking with Donna the other day. And, uh, those, you don't know Donna, she's a pretty amazing lady in this group, but, uh, I was talking to her and I said, you know, it's so funny because I don't even post anymore. Cause like twice a year I melt down. Y'all I think most of you know, I'm a controlled diabetic and, and I control it with food.

I don't control with medication. It's very important to me. I am really anti- med, just in the past when I've taken it, it doesn't work for me. So I don't want to take medications. And the medications I took when I first diagnosed with diabetes were terrible for me. So I don't want to do that. I want to control and I've proved to myself, I can control food.

Now it's getting the emotions out of it. I don't know if you need to talk to a counselor, that's not a terrible thing. If you need to dig back to childhood trauma or something, that led you to this, this life of binge eating and emotional eating, then do it, but try the group. Interact in here. I mean, we're just rebuilding the Facebook page.

We've moved to for our classes. We're putting together some really fun things for fitness warriors, and we've expanded the fitness warrior memberships. 

With that. I want you to really think about emotionally, to think of why you emotionally eat and just get so ticked you say, you know what, you're right, Dave, I'm going to stop and I really hate this... but you know, so I can support you.

If you're ready to stop, put it in the comments. Let's all work together. Let's all support each other and just stop emotional, stop, binge eating, and get our lives back on track. 

Okay. Yeah. You know, that's, that's what I... there's more tips. We'll talk about that as we go forward here, but let's work together and become non-emotional eaters. People who look forward to their meals and eat for fun.

And if you can afford it, you, you allow yourself that little pleasure now and then, but if you're an emotional eater like me, where it becomes an addiction, just don't do it. Stop. 

Just like an alcoholic. One sip of booze and they're off on a bender. I'm the same way with food. I don't do that with alcohol, but I sure do with food.

So that's it. And I want the best for you. . Reach out to us, reach out to the group and, uh, that's it for today. So I always like to end with move, well, stay healthy, be happy. Live with passion. Find a purpose in your life. Those are bottom line for us to thrive and to die young as old as possible.