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Jan. 13, 2022

Nutrition is Key - Today's The Day!

So sorry to say, that no matter how many hours you spend in the gym or how many miles you cover in the course of a day you cannot outwork a bad diet! Here's a simple way to discover an eating plan that you can live with for life!!

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Nutrition... today's the day. 

I don't know, if I were you, if I'd be dreading this or be excited about it. 

Unfortunately, Peggy and I learned the hard way years ago, we were doing a body transformation contest with max muscle magazine and we hired a personal trainer. He asked us what our goals were. We said, our goal is to be able to work out enough that we could eat whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted and be lean, fit, healthy, and happy.

He looked at us and started laughing!

He said, well, you got a goal that just probably isn't going to work. 

We said, why? 

He says, well, unfortunately nutrition is 90% of it. 

Now, I don't know about that number, but he's absolutely right. Nutrition is such a key part. You cannot outwork a bad diet. 

Let me repeat that. You cannot outwork a bad diet. 

It doesn't matter how much you run, how much you exercise, how much you lift weights. You've got to clean up your eating.

Everything. Everything has fallen apart in the food industry.. They are doing everything they can to make their foods addictive, to make you desire to eat their foods.

They have scientists that are hired to do nothing but make their foods addictive. 

Let me tell you what we believe, what we have found over the years, for your nutrition. You don't have to go crazy. You actually, you actually can create a diet, a customized eating plan that you can live with. I truly believe that.

We've helped hundreds of people, maybe well over a thousand, create their own eating plans that they were able to stick to for life.

You can't do a diet and do it for three months and lose tons of weight. And then go back to the way you used to eat. That doesn't work. You have to reset. You have to change your lifetime eating habits and you have to be willing to accept that. 

I discovered over years that I am a carnivore or extremely low carb... works very well for me, for my body.

Peggy's a pescatarian, that's fish and vegetables. 

We've worked with people who wanted to be vegans. We've helped them do that. 

The whole idea is you have to decide, you have to discover what your body thrives on and then build an eating plan based around that. 

No matter how you want to eat, we have found low carb, low carb is an answer.

You can do that... believe it or not, even on a vegan diet, you can reduce the number of carbs that you eat. Even if you're eating all vegetables, there are two common elements of a successful diet. 

Number one, you eat whole natural foods, anything with a barcode, although they are putting barcode on vegetables now and steak, but let's say anything in a box with a barcode or a can with a bar code you don't want to eat. It's been over processed... 

Years ago, Peggy and I took classes with a gentleman named John Finch who had a school that he called self-heal school. He taught you how to make all these different tinctures and ointments and how to go out in the woods and harvest plants to bring health and healing into your life. Good stuff, good stuff.

But John was funny. He believed that if you use the microwave oven, that it totally changed the composition of the food. His big saying was, yeah, you could put in a potato and you think you're getting out of baked potato, but you get out of rutabaga. I found that amusing, I think in some ways that's what happens when they process these foods, just get over-processed, they turn into something they aren't. They're addictive. They're bad for you. They offer no nutritional. 

So you want to create an eating plan you can live with for life, an eating plan that eliminates those processed foods that basically eliminate sugar. You cut that sugar. Wait, wait, wait way back. And if you do do sugar, do natural sugar. 

So processed food and sugar.

That's basically it.. 

You discover that eating plan. You find a way you can eat, you throw in some intermittent fasting, which we'll talk about in another episode. And there you go. 

We put together a low carb course. I started talking about that earlier and all of that's available in your member portal of RiversZen Fitness.

So you can just go over there and go into the replays and go into the categories and you'll see, low carb 101 , all kinds of goodies in there to help you develop your own customized low carb eating plan with our recommendations for a 10 day cleanse and moving on from there. If you've got any questions about that, let us know.

If you don't believe low carb is for you talk to us, tell us what you won't give up, tell us what you will give up and let's work on that together. 

So that's it. That's the nutrition module. I want you to dig in to figure out what you should eat. Go through that low carb training. There's a lot of good stuff in there.

They're all short videos as we always do. Then let us know where you're at or just dive right in and go for it. Low carb carnivore is never a mistake

[Mic bleed] 

And with that move well, stay healthy, be happy, eat for life. Find passion and purpose