Nov. 21, 2022

Peggy and Dave Live From Cape Disappointment

Peggy and Dave Live From Cape Disappointment

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Dave: All right. Peggy was in charge of pushing the red button. 

Peggy: That's which is scary in and of itself. 

Dave: We're at Cape D this morning in, uh, Ilwaco. Well, where are we at? We're in, uh, Ilwaco. 

Peggy: Ilwaco, 

Dave: Ilwaco, Washington. And we just thought we'd share it with you a little bit and encourage you to find your place, your spot that brings you the joy this spot does for us.

Peggy: Oh my, my gosh, yes. 

Dave: They're everywhere. We lived in Phoenix. We had places we loved to go. 

Peggy: We didn't like Phoenix very much, but beautiful places. 

Dave: Phoenix was hot and dry, not our thing. 

Peggy: Never lived anywhere that I didn't find the beauty in where I lived. 

Dave: Exactly. 

Peggy: I may not have been thrilled with where it was, but every single place has had such amazing beauty. We're right so fortunate to be in this country and be able to experience all of these.

Dave: That we are. So we were just here, we were enjoying the big crashing waves. 

Peggy: Having coffee.

Dave: Crashing wave morning. There's tons of photographers here. This has gotta be the most photo photographed spot I've ever been to. Uh, spectacular waves.

I don't know Peggy's in the way, but that's, but here we go. 

No, no, you don't have to move. 

Peggy: Check 'em out. Check em out. Check 'em out. 

Dave: You don't have to move. Oh, well now they're not gonna do it. . Come on man. Make us a big wave. 

Peggy: There's one over the saddle coming over the saddle. 

Dave: Over the saddle. Yeah, there was, I saw uhhuh.

Peggy: Okay, so it's a beautiful morning. 

Dave: Yeah, it's a gorgeous morning. So we just wanted to encourage you... we're always trying to encourage people to find their, their bliss, their spots. So, okay. 

Peggy: And that was just your foot that I stepped on? 

Dave: Yeah. Peggy, Peggy, Peggy fell, stepped up my foot. Life's still good. So anyways, that's it from Cape disappointment, um, the lighthouse. 

Peggy: Yes, there's a lighthouse.

Dave: Yes, yes, yes, yes. In Ilwaco and lots of, look at all these in Oaco, Washington. Uh, oh. Oh, we're gonna get wet. 

Uhoh, did you see that last one come up? Yep. There it is. 

Okay, gang. Talk to you later. Bye.