Nov. 9, 2022

Peggy Has Something To Say About The Basics

Peggy Has Something To Say About The Basics

Last week we discussed the foundational basics to a long, fit healthy and happy life. Peggy wants to add her two cents... and two cents from Peggy is always amazing.


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Hi. Peggy and I are in the studio this morning and we just wanted to jump on... you know, last week we did a podcast on the basics and how important the basics are, and Peggy had some things she wanted to add on that and just emphasize how critically important they are. 

I've thought about this so much, especially over the last few years. People have, you know, been experiencing covid and so many things have happened in all of our lives and, and it's easy to lose sight that all of those six, six things, mindse t and rest, and breath and hydration, nutrition, and motion. 

And dang, you did good . I was saying to myself, which one's she gonna miss? I'll have to help her. 

But you need to do them every single day. And even if you've got covid, even if you feel like crap, you need to do something of each of those every single day cuz it's gonna make you feel better. 

When you're, when you're sick and you're just crashed out in bed or the couch or wherever, stretch. It's amazing how good a stretch feels when you're, when you've been just laying there crashed for who knows how long, um, and making sure that you breathe. I mean, so many of these things, even when you're sick, you want eat... 

We learned that the hard way. We definitely learned that when we had Covid about a year and a half ago, that's we didn't eat and I think it made it last longer than it would've otherwise. 

I was following the magic rule of, you know, feed a cold and start of a fever and I had a, I had a low grade fever and so I wasn't eating and, and that was like the worst thing for me cuz I didn't have an upset stomach, I just had a fever.

And so it was so wrong. It was such a bad decision. And that was one of the things that really jelled it for me on how important all six of these things are every single day, and it's so easy to lose sight of them. 

Once you get into mindset, once you get into that and, and think about it, trying to make sure that those things are infused into every single one of your days, and trying not to lose sight of any one of those six.

But they're only important if you want to thrive for life. 


If you don't care, if you want to get old and sit on a couch and wither away, well then don't worry about it. Yeah. But otherwise, those six foundational items, I mean, you know what? If you do those, the rest of the stuff is just all... 

...because they're synergistic.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. They all work together. 

They feed on each other, and it makes all the difference in...

like we feed on each other. Yeah. What's that? So, I think that's enough on that for today's.

Expanded enough. 

Until next time, we might do more on this... who knows? It happens, but until next time, move Well, stay healthy, be happy. Live with purpose. Remember purpose? We talked about that yesterday. 

And passion. 

And passion, your life's purpose on a day to day basis. Talk to you later. 

Bye bye.