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Jan. 18, 2022

Posture Exercises and BBQ Pork Rinds

Hmmmm, what do posture exercises and bbq pork rinds have to do with each other? Leave it to Dave...


Wall Lean

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How's your posture adventure going? 

I've got to grab a quick drink of water. Oh man. You know, one of my guilty pleasures... I don't know if you'd call it a guilty pleasure or not are barbecue pork rinds. 

Pork rinds are really good for me. They give me something I don't get on my carnivore diet. They give me that crunch. I found barbecued pork rinds... which there's some crap in the barbecue flavoring that probably I shouldn't have, but my numbers remain okay. And everything remains fine. So I let myself have these.

Right before I started this, I took a bite of one... big mistake... and I figured I would leave this in to show you how we work through creating your own customized eating plan. I eat barbecue and or picante pork rinds. And that's one of my little snacks. One of my little treats.

Today we're talking about posture though, because this is body week.

We're working on the three things, the three elements that have helped us to thrive. We're working on posture first, then we're working on the role model and the tools of the trade. Then we're going to work on our stretch stronger, stretch pro routines. 

Today I'm going to send you back into the member area. Because there are two exercises that really, really, really help with your posture and your balance. The first is called stork and there's a little, two minute video of Peggy teaching you how to do stork. The second one's called wall lean, and there's a one minute video of me teaching you how to do wall lean.

So go into the member area, watch those and practice them and add them to your daily routine. I would recommend you do both two to three times a day and on stork five to six repetitions on each side and wall lean, five to six repetitions. 

Watch how your posture realigns once you do that. 

As a reminder, if you still haven't taken advantage of the 30 day free membership... no credit card required, no obligation, nothing. You get 30 days full access to the RiversZen fitness member portal. There's all kinds of great stuff in there. For instance, these two trainings. 

That's it for today. Do your posture exercises... still working on your nutrition... think about things like my barbecue pork rinds.

You have to make a decision. They've got tapioca starch in the flavor, the seasoning, which is something I normally won't eat. I tested it. I'm doing ok. 

So there's your tips for the day.

Move well, stay healthy, be happy. Live your day with passion. And I will talk to you tomorrow