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April 8, 2022

Reduce Your Stress with EFT

Have you ever heard of E F T? EFT is a technique that I've used for, oh my gosh, 20 years. It helps to greatly reduce my stress and anxiety!

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Have you ever heard of E F T?

EFT is a technique that I've used for, oh my gosh, 20 years. You might recognize it as tapping, it's where you tap on Meridian points to help ease the mind... actually you can do all kinds of things. It's amazing what can be done, but I use it for anxiety and for my monkey mind. It's a very simple technique.

I'm going to be putting some videos... In fact, we're going to do a whole course, not really a course. We're going to do an introduction to EFT, which stands for emotional freedom techniques. We're going to do a whole section in the members, where we're going to show you real quickly what EFT is and show you the techniques we need video for that... to show you the techniques.

We're going to do that in the members area. And then I'm going to start recording some reflections -meditations because often EFT is done with kind of like mantras in a way, you know, it's it's one of the points is it's called the karate point. And on the outside of your hand, you're just taking four fingers and tapping lightly tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap.

Try it see what it feels like. Then you would say something like in spite of my belief that I am not enough, I accept myself wholly and completely. I am enough. 

Then there's different points. You would go around the top of your head, where your eyebrows come together, on the outside of your eyes, right on that bone, on your cheeks, right below your nose, right below your mouth, right below the collarbone and your heart's center. Then underneath the arm.

We'll have complete videos on those, but actually you could take that right there and do an emotional freedom technique. It doesn't have to be that exact mantra. I do not believe. Now some teach that's how you do it.

I think you can do a reflection, like my daily reflections ,and you use those positive statements as you tap, and the body just absorbs them. 

It's a strange phenomena to me. I made fun of it when I was first taught by Allen 20 years ago. Our energy guy... that's a whole nother story.

If you haven't met Alan with we're about due to have him for another workshop again. We will see about bringing him in because he does some amazing, insightful. training.

We'll put some of them up with video in the member area of real, all part of RiversZen and that's it. 

Emotional freedom technique, another tool that works so well to help you move well, stay healthy and be happy. Talk to you tomorrow.