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Saved Me

Probably would not still be working or able to function at full capacity if not for StretchPro contracted stretching. Saved me.

Much Improved Mobility

I'm so very happy to have access to such a variety of classes on demand to accommodate my crazy schedule at school! Thank you for a great summer of stretching, and here's to a fabulous fall with much improved mobility!!

My Body Thanks You

Thank you for sharing a stretching program I have the option to participate in. My body thanks you as I breathe and move with confidence and ease. I am grateful for the continued support and concern you and Peg give with love and without judgement.

Thank You

You've changed my life in so many positive ways!

I Feel Amazing

I first started back in June to jump start a healthy weight loss that keeps it off, wanted to be able to jump on my 16 hand horse from the ground, I can now do it but its not graceful, so now I want more flexibility and strength. I feel amazing and love this program.

I Tried Everything Before I Found RiversZen Real People Fitness

"I've had many sessions using every modality you can imagine. The doctors had thrown up their hands and told me I would need to learn to live with the pain. Those days are now behind me due to RiversZen. For the first time in decades I feel totally in control of my own health! Blessings"

Everything is better, including blood panel!

High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure Totally Turned Around. 7 months with RiversZen "The results are better than good... they are amazing. On top of that I can easily pick something up from the floor, I know It sounds silly but it's huge. I sleep better. I eat better."

No Pain

I Can Now Hike, Jog, Play Golf or Swim Without Pain! "Probably the best part is the personalization, they realize that no one plan fits all. I have done many programs and know that this is something I can stick with. The support and the accountability that I get from them and the others is amazing."

Love Riverszen

Thank you for the inspiration and motivation