Sept. 22, 2022

Secret Weapon For Pain Relief

Secret Weapon For Pain Relief

StretchPro saved my aching bod over 15 years ago. It might be exactly what you need to add to your life! You can view a replay of a past workshop where I teach StretchPro for free by following this link


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View the full workshop for free at this link

This is not just my secret weapon. 

This is the miracle that saved my life. 

It's what helps me at 69 years old to move and feel better than I did at 35! 

Years ago I was facing multiple surgeries because of sports injuries. They were looking at up to seven surgeries over a period of a couple years. Talking about I might even up in a wheelchair by the time I was 50. 

Well, I could not put up with that. I had to find something else. 

That's where I discovered stretch pro stretching. Now stretch pro stretching is our version of something called resistance stretching... or we like to refer to it as contracted stretching because it's about contracting the muscle as you stretch. 

It's something you won't see in very many places. This has changed our life. This has changed the life of thousands of others. 

I'd like you to check it out. If you go to we've got a section called stretch pro. On top of that section's little workshop I did on You can check that out. That's free access for everybody. 

So be sure to check that out and learn all about my secret weapon. I guarantee you it's pure magic for what it did for me and that it's done for most of the people we've worked with over the past 15 years. 

That's it. That is my tip of the day. I want you to think about my secret weapon. I want to see how you can incorporate it into your life. Stretching a muscle under contraction. 

I haven't talked about this in a very long time. I was just thinking today, we're all about longevity. We're all about being fit, healthy, happy for the rest of your life. So that's why I brought this up today. I'm going to talk about it more often and we'll come up with some different facets we can talk about of how it works and why it works. 

But in the meantime, go watch that workshop. I think gonna really enjoy... now it is about a 45 minute workshop, but I get into depth and I show you some stretches at the end that you can use right now. 

I'm hoping you find easy days mellow nights... and you know what... those lead to? Magic moments.

I will talk to you tomorrow