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Jan. 20, 2022

Self Care 101 and Inversions

Peggy's tools are amazing. Today she starts a series on the amazing results from all of her balls, straps, floss and inversions.


Self-Care 101 - Inversions

Time to talk about Self Care – What am I meaning by that?  All along I’ve shared we are each different while still being similar.  What works for me might not work for someone else.  It may not be an issue of working but an issue of will you do it.  For example, when I am sore, I immediately go to a heating pad to find relief.  Others don’t like heat.  The whole focus of self-care is finding those options you are willing to do when the need is there.  The options I go to most often are:

Our old standbys that we have been discussing since we started the reset – motion, stretching, breath, hydration and nutrition

One of my very favorite . . . Therapy Balls . . . and Stability Balls . . . more details coming in the next few days.  I love balls . . . your own method of self-massage.

Voodoo Floss . . . some of you have gotten to experience the magic of voodoo floss.  I swear by it for my ankles, knees and wrists.  That post will include some fun success stories.

Heat . . . mentioned that above.  Probably my #1 go to for whatever ails me.  

Inversions . . . that info is coming up 

Our scope is to stay away from meds and surgery for as long as possible.  We have found the above to be our protocol for avoiding both.  

When was the last time you stood on your head? Is that the only way to truly accomplish the benefits of inversions? There are many types of inversions and to qualify as an inversion you just need to switch the position of the heart and the brain. Bridge pose is considered a very gentle inversion. Headstand is a bit more challenging. Inversions can be accomplished through yoga type poses with various props to make it user-friendly . . . or . . . you can use an Inversion Table. I must admit I am a fan. 

Studies were done comparing two different groups of patients each considering surgery to relieve their sciatic issues. One group of patients received traditional physical therapy and the other received physical therapy and inversion therapy. The results showed that of the physical therapy alone group, 22% were able to avoid surgery. Of the group receiving physical therapy and inversion therapy, 77% were able to avoid surgery. Quite significant. 

The benefits of inversion are: · Improved spine health · Improved blood circulation · Improved lymphatic flow · Avoid need for painkillers · Minimize the need for surgery · Reduce stress as it activates the parasympathetic nervous system · Increases mobility because inversion therapy alleviates pressure from the spine and increases the space between vertebrae.  It’s considered a holistic solution for pain relief. Some of the conditions people manage with inversion therapy include: · Chronic low back pain · Non-specific back pain  · Sciatica pain · Degenerative disc disease · Muscle tension 

If you have an interest in trying an inversion table we have one in our Ilwaco facility and would be happy to demo it for you.  If you have any issues that might be worsened or amplified by inversion we can discuss those prior to the demo. As with any piece of equipment or exercise, there are precautions on who should not use an inversion table and those issues will be part of our conversation.

I, for one, try to invert each day.  So whether an inversion table is the answer for you, or not, I would be happy to share some of the other inversion options that can be accomplished on the floor with minimal equipment.  Let me know if you are interested in learning more about inversions.

Move well.  Stay Healthy.  Be Happy.  Live your life with Passion.  Bye Bye