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Nov. 21, 2021

Short, Simple, Sweet

I have a short attention span and assume you do to. You want to get what you need and get on with your day!


Short Simple and Sweet.

Why don't we do hour long podcasts? 

Why don't we do two hour long podcasts? 

The main reason is I usually find those boring. 

I was watching one this morning. It was this group of three people and they take the first two minutes with their greetings. Yo dog, Yo dog was fine when it's happened dog or whatever.

Then they'd take forever going back and forth and being silly. 

I like being silly if you've heard some of our podcasts with, my daughter, myself and my wife. I definitely have no problem being silly, but even that can be done short and sweet. There's a bottom line to this more than just talking about why we do short sweet podcasts.

Simple, easy, effective. 

We like things that are simple, things that are easy, easy to do, easily digestible. 

Effective things that work. Our goal is to give you actionable items. 

If you give us the two to ten, fifteen minutes and listen to our podcast, we want you to walk away with something you can use. Either a new way of thinking a new way of moving. a new way of strengthening, a new way of thinking that you can incorporate into your life right now,. 

All based upon our past experience, all based upon the years that we have spent discovering exactly what works. Short and sweet, simple, easy, and effective podcasts. 

Try to incorporate it into your life.

Find short, sweet, simple, easy, and effective solutions that will work for you. 

Until next time move well, stay healthy, be happy, live your life with passion.