Oct. 21, 2022

Simple Tool To Help Accomplish Your Goals

Simple Tool To Help Accomplish Your Goals

Check out this amazing tool to help release garbage and embrace success!


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Simple Tool For Getting Your Head On Straight

One of the very best tools to get your head on straight, to get that positive attitude, to get past the anxiety... anxiety is the big killer. We have anxiety in the modern world and we don't even know why we're anxious. We're almost programmed to be anxious. 

One of the very best tools I've found is tapping.

It's a simple technique and it helps you to... number one, understand and release the things that are causing your anxiety... or at least to acknowledge the things that are causing your anxiety and help release 'them. Then you kind of turn that around with positive statements about ridding yourself of that anxiety.

Tapping, it taps on the meridian points of the body. The meridian endpoints, and I never realized this, but they actually photograph meridians now, so it's not some woo woo concept. It's actually a solid concrete part of your body, these meridians that run throughout your body, these message centers that shoot these messages all over your body? 

By tapping, you're actually sending the messages to your body ...that you know what? It's safe to let go of that anxiety. It's safe to have a workout program. You're not going to hurt yourself.

It's safe, to eat correctly. You don't need that comfort food. 

I'm gonna highly recommend you look into tapping. There's a bit of tapping on RiversZen website. We do a training on how to tap, and even a simple tapping breath meditation where you are tapping through the points, taking nice, long, slow, deep breaths, a little pause the top, little pause at the bottom, maybe letting your mind dwell on what your feeling, 

Your anxiety, your stress, your anger. Allowing the breath to help release that . 

Such powerful tools. So if you're not a member of RiversZen and you'd like to experience our mindset membership, let me know. I'd be more than happy to gift you 30 days where you can go with the weekly affirmations, the meditations and the tapping meditations and the extensive library that we have built of those guided meditations and instructions. 

If you'd like to experience that I'd be happy to gift you 30 days. No credit card needed, no strings, no attachments. At the end of 30, if you like it, you can join the Mindset program and the entire RiversZen Fitness program.

That's just a little aside. We want to help you get your head on straight. To know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can succeed, that you can have the life you want, that you can have the body you want, and that you can live a long fit, healthy, happy life.

Move well, stay healthy, be happy. Live with passion and purpose. 

Talk to you tomorrow.