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Dec. 18, 2021


It's that time of year. Is anyone else feeling like might be a little Stressmas? Here are some tips for turning that around.

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It's that time of year. Is anyone else feeling like... might be a little Stressmas? 

I got to say, I'm the queen of Stressmas and it goes down generations. It's just something we do. 

I love Christmas and I love the Christmas magic. I have a nine year old and an eight year old and my five-year-old niece and seeing their face light up from all the Christmas magic.

Make Stressmas totally worth it. There are some things that we can do though, to help relieve that stress, to help ease it.

Attend a class. It is amazing what a 30 or 45 or even hour, minute class can do. Leave all that stress on the mat. You're going to leave feeling rejuvenated. 

Take a break and breathe.

Now I could go into lots of details on breath here, but the queen of breath would be Peggy. So I'm going to ask her if she would mind sharing some tips about breathing through the holidays. So look, look for that podcast coming really soon.

Take time for yourself. Don't feel bad saying no, you can only do so much.

You can bring that Christmas magic and that Christmas joy without stressing yourself out too much.

You know there's a limit, there's a limit for everything and Stressmas included in that. So don't feel bad to say no. 

Go outside and get some fresh air. I know this might be hard for some of us, cause it might be a little bit chilly outside and maybe we don't do so well in the cold, but you need to breathe in that fresh air.

Take that break. Enjoy it. Go for a quick walk. Something just to get your mind off everything. 

Ask for help. It's okay. You got a ton of cookies to make, ask someone, make new memories with them. I personally am having my kids make cookies with me and I love seeing them smile. And yet it's teaching me patience a little bit too, because I know I could get it done faster by myself.

But think of all those memories they're going to say when they're older about all the cookies that they used to make in the kitchen with their mom, laughing and listening to music or dancing or throwing flour around. Ask for help.

And the most important thing, stay on routine, your sleep, your eating, your exercise.

It's really important for all those things. 

These are just a few tips. There's many more. But try to implement these and see how much better this Stressmas can be.

From my family to yours. I wish you a very Merry Christmas.