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Jan. 19, 2022

StretchPro Saved My Aching Bod

7 Surgeries Avoided! Here is the amazing technique that helped me avoid every single one of them, move and feel better at 68 than I did at 38!

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Today, I'm going to discuss the number one fitness technique that saved me from seven different surgeries. 

You can go into the about section and find my video, where I get into more depth on, on how broken I was and how StretchPro saved me. 

StretchPro is a combination of resistance stretching, isometric stretching, and movement.

It's what I teach in every one of my classes, Peggy and Kim also teach a lot of the StretchPro techniques. 

This method of stretching makes stretching safer, makes it deeper and build strength through your whole range. So like those supporting muscles around your shoulders, your rotator cuffs, while we're stretching using the StretchPro system you're actually strengthening those muscles at the same time and that's exactly what we need. 

Knees, hips, shoulder, feet, ankles. I had so many areas they were wanting to perform surgery on over a period of two years. And I just said, no, there's got to be something better. 

Boy, once we discovered this and how these techniques all worked together, it was literally mind-blowing.

So how do I show you StretchPro? Simple... go into the member portal and there's a whole section called StretchPro. There's a workshop, there's different exercises and it gets a lot more into depth than I can on a short podcast as to how this works and why it works. 

So I'm excited to share this with you if you've never been exposed before.

Remember for anybody that's going through the reset we are offering 30 days free at RiversZen Fitness. Take advantage of that and go in and dig into these different trainings and workshops. And of course there's over 300 on-demand classes there. Plus, we're in the neighborhood of 20, 25 live classes a week between Kim, Peggy and myself.

That's it for today. Embrace StretchPro , check it out. You're going to be blown away once you start stretching with this. 

Until tomorrow move well, stay healthy, be happy. Live with passion. We will talk to you then.