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Nov. 1, 2021

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar: Here Come The Holidays

Last night was Halloween and my grandkids were more than generous with me. What were the results? How can you use this to make the holiday's easier?


Good morning, and welcome to driving with Dave. 

Today I was thinking about last night. Now I'm not a person who spends a lot of time dwelling in the past. Last night was Halloween and we had a great time, my grandkids came up till Ilwaco. 

Ilwaco has this street, Lake Street. The people are so generous, and they're so good to little kids. And so we went and we were going up and down the street, and they just got tons. We had to go back and get a second bag. They got so much candy. I'm talking full size candy bars!

Now you know how I feel about sugar. You know how I feel about about avoiding things that are addictive to me at all costs. 

My grandkids are really wonderful. Always more than willing to share and share they did. 

I had some of my favorite indulgences. I didn't eat a lot but I had a little bit of Kit Kat bar and a little bit of Three Musketeers and some Snickers. Just more sugar that I should have had. 

Did I pay a price for that? 

Well, you might say yes. You might say no, 

I blew my blood sugar up a little bit. I tested it when I got home. And yeah, that little indulgence took me over my magic number. My magic number is 140. I never like to go over 140 and I got a 154 at the appropriate testing time after having that candy. 

Was a worth it? I don't know, maybe, I had a great time. I think that's part of... 

Number one. I don't believe in saying Oh, it's okay. Don't worry about it. We all slip occasionally. 

Because what happens is, once we start that it's a rabbit hole. Every time you want to do something, you use that excuse and you go down that rabbit hole. And next thing you know, it's all over and you've put on weight and you're lethargic. 

And that brings up another situation from last night. 

I was really tired this morning. 

I knew I wanted to record a driving with Dave and I got up and I just kind of fumbled around the house and had TV on and it was just playing in the background. I shut it off and got ready and got out the door.

I'm not sure 100% how, because I was really tired. 

I usually get out of bed feeling really well. My blood sugar was fine this morning. So I'm guessing a little bit of a sugar crash after last night. So in the future, would I do that again? I don't know. Maybe? Maybe not. 

But the lesson I take away from that is even when you do it don't beat yourself up too much, but maybe a little bit. 

Like you know, Dave, you really you have these goals of lifelong fitness and health and you got a little bit of a taste of what it was like to deviate from where you're currently at. 

If you don't know me, if you're just hearing my voice, I'm 68 years old. I'm fit. I'm healthy. I take no medication. I have a seven day a week workout habit. Not extreme workout. But workout habit. The same thing I encourage everybody else to do. I eat healthy, I eat clean, I don't eat sugar. 

So it's amazing even after not eating sugar for quite a while how addictive sugar can be. I know that and I know it's not good for me. I think I'm going to try to avoid in the future. My goal is to avoid in the future. Well, I don't know. I don't know. I'm a realist. But I also could admonish myself a little bit but say Okay, now that that's over, it's time to move on. It's time to get back to your healthy lifestyle. 

The holidays are coming up. How about you? 

How did you do over Halloween? 

Are you looking forward to gorging yourself on Thanksgiving?

 May I make a suggestion? If you do choose to gorge yourself cut down on the sugar, cut down on the carbs. Fill your plate with lots of good protein. And I think you're going to find better results even if you do overeat. 

Christmas is another holiday we all want our cookies we all want our candy. I've gone a few Christmases now avoiding all of that and the reward is tremendous because not only do you get a reward physically, but you get a reward mentally realizing you can go to an event with other people gorging himself on fatty desert type foods. 

Ideally you can not do it and grab yourself a cup of coffee or whatever your healthy substitute is. And do just fine. 

So I encourage you think about the upcoming holidays think about what you want to do, what your actual goals are, how you want to live the rest of your life and do what's right. 

Hope you have an amazing day until I talk to you next time move well, stay healthy, be happy. Live with passion

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