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Jan. 6, 2022

Take a Deep Breath, Relax and Reset

We've covered a lot since day one. Today we take a deep breath, relax and reset.


Take a deep breath and relax. How is your fitness and health reset going? Are you doing the work? 

I hope so. I hope so because it's very important that we kick this off from day one. 

I know I said yesterday that we were going to start the eating module today. I was wrong. It actually starts next week. But you've kind of already kicked that off.

If you listen to day one, you're implementing what we asked you to do. You're starting to think about starting to cut down, cut back on processed foods. Think of processed foods as pretty much anything with a bar code and cutting out refined sugar. So get that going. Think about those. I know some of you have to ease into those but that's something that definitely needs done. 

Are you doing your daily movement? 

Did you take the time to join the RiversZen fitness classes? 

If not, let's get that going. Get it all fired up and get going. Get your daily movement going. Don't procrastinate on that. 

Did you listen to the podcast called the seven keys to unlock your health and fitness. There's actually eight. But that's what it's called. We will be going over the eight. I went over eight on number eight on day one, but we'll go over it later. 

Did you take the time to discover your compelling reasons and passionate goals... you should.

Future diary? Did you do that? 

Your assessments? Did you do the assessments? Did you go in and pick which assessments would work for? 

We're gonna spend the rest of the week going over all of that. 

We'll be coming to you every day with our tips, strategies, inspiration, and motivation to help you stay on track. 

And that's today's message. Double back, make sure you're doing everything we've asked you to do. Start creating healthy habits in your life and be sure and reach out if you have any questions, our contact info is all over the place. You can go to is the email address that will get to both Peggy and myself or if you'd like to talk to Kim specifically.

That's it for today, move well, stay healthy, be happy. Live with passion, have a purpose, and also have an amazing day. Let's do this. Talk to you tomorrow.