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Aug. 24, 2022

Test, Test, Test

Being willing to test possible solutions for your health and fitness. I really believe that is key.

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Test test, test.

Being willing to test possible solutions for your health and fitness. I really believe that is key.

I spend a lot of time testing things that have amazing hype, amazing... people backing them to see if they'll work for me or not. If they work for me, then I share them with you. 

There are some things I'm working on that just seem wacko and I won't even tell you about them. Maybe six months from now, you'll hear about them. Some posture correction exercises and, and different modalities that I'm testing that you may never hear about. In fact, you probably won't ever hear about them, but I test them... But I do find things that work.

For instance, my six months of testing tapping meditations has reaped huge rewards. Resistance stretching. Years ago, I tested resistance stretching for five years before I shared it, because I couldn't believe it was as powerful as it is.

Doing a yoga like practice as a fitness class... under contraction. I did that myself going to regular yoga classes, adding contraction to the movements before I ever taught a class. 

So my suggestion today, my encouragement today, is for you to test things, to test things, to really give them a shot, to not just to something once and go doesn't work for me, which we all have a habit to do that.

Maybe it's actually working, but you're just too lazy. Dare I say that? I don't wanna call anybody lazy. I got the daylights beat on me for being lazy when I was a kid. So I don't wanna beat the daylights out of you physically or emotionally, but what I want you to do is to try things, try tapping, try daily meditations or weekly meditations, try resistance stretching, try anything you see that radiates with you that you say, you know what? That may work for me. Well test it. Test the daylights out of it, prove to yourself that it works or doesn't work, but give it a chance. Ok? 

That's today's message. May you move well, may you stay healthy, be happy. Live every day with passion and purpose.

I'll be here tomorrow. Hope I talk to you then.