Nov. 11, 2022

Thank You For Your Service!

Thank You For Your Service!

It's Veterans Day, our warriors who protect us deserve so much more than we can give. But how do they feel about a simple thank you for your service?


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Hey, welcome to River Zen Podcast. Today we thought we'd talk about Veterans Day because it is Veterans Day. 

So let me say Thank you veterans. You know, I just asked Kim about her her husband... my daughter Kim, her husband Chris. I said, How does he feel when people say thank you for your service?

Cause sometimes to me it feels a little awkward. And he said he really appreciates it, but exactly like I felt, He says feels so awkward because he's just doing his job. That was his job. That's what he did. The time he spent overseas, the time he spent in service was just doing his job. 

Now we all know those of us that didn't go especially know exactly what kind of guts it takes to go over there.

And so I think for somebody like Chris to say that he was just doing his job is totally a disservice because these veterans, the men, the women and their husbands and wives who support them, who sit at home on pins and needles waiting for them.

I'll tell you what right now, I say RiversZen says, Peggy says, Thank you for your service... and we absolutely mean that.

So take a few minutes today, and even if he feels awkward, even if she feels awkward, thank a vet. 

That's the message for today. Talk to you soon.