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Nov. 22, 2021

Thanksgiving and Gratitude

A daily practice of Thanksgiving and gratitude can be so beneficial. It can actually help you to get rid of stress. One of the greatest stress busters is being grateful, grateful for your life.



We're just a few days away from Thanksgiving. 

It makes me think about gratitude, how maybe we're just a little spoiled and we aren't grateful for what we have.

A daily practice of Thanksgiving and gratitude can be so beneficial. It can actually help you to get rid of stress. One of the greatest stress busters is being grateful, grateful for your life.

Grateful for what you have. Just thinking I might share with you a little bit about what I'm thankful for. I do get up every morning and I go through a gratitude practice. I think of one thing I'm thankful for and kind of, I don't know if I'd say meditate on it, but I think about it and usually it puts a smile on my face.

Let me tell you just a few of the things I'm thankful for and grateful for. 

Number one it's the live in this amazing country. The United States of America, even with its flaws is probably one of the greatest countries ever developed. The whole concept of freedom and entrepreneurship. Being able to achieve based upon your character, not your race, not your family, not your upbringing, but on your own merits to me is unbelievable when I am so thankful.

Number two, my wife. Peggy is one of the most tolerant people in the world to live with me for 26 years. And to put up with my entrepreneurship and my enthusiasm and my energy. I could see where that'd be really tough on a person, but not only did she put up with me, she became my partner and she helps me develop everything that we do.

It's a team effort. It is not a one-person operation. Every business I've done since the two of us have been together, successful or not ,has been a partnership. I'm thankful for her. 

I'm thankful for people who went outside of the box. They realized, and they discovered that you did not have to live your life on medications and with multiple surgeries. That there are alternatives.

Those people to me, I am so grateful. I am so thankful to them that they did that because there's a lot of pressure from lobbyists and big business, the big business of pharmaceuticals. That is so ingrained in our society now. And yet I avoided seven surgeries. I'm on no medications because of all the people who have developed all of these amazing techniques.

I'm thankful for that. 

I'm thankful for the people that inspire me and have inspired me my entire life. From my business partner, to my parents, to my grandparents, to people I have known along the way. Some of my early mentors were really incredible people. I'm thankful for them. 

I'm thankful for RiversZen ,our studios. That's a story I should tell someday how our studios started. It was really serendipitous. It was absolutely insane. It came out of nowhere and it actually came out of our desire to create a space for us. I am so thankful that we were walking the riverwalk one day and saw a space for rent and walked in and said, let's open a yoga studio. Let's open a fitness studio. 

We talked to the owners and it seemed pretty reasonable and we did. What a shock, what a shock I will get into that story. That's for another podcast. I think it's one you might find interesting how, when something's right. It's right. So I am thankful for that opportunity to start sharing what we've learned with other people.

Over the past 10 years, RiversZen has touched thousands of lives and we're expanding even more to where we're reaching more and more people to help them get out of the lives of quiet desperation. To help them move well and stay healthy and be happy into their later years.

I'm thankful that I'm 68 and Peggy's 70 and we have our health. I think a big part of that is because of what we've done. It could be a little bit of luck too. I understand that, I get that. It's not genetics because it's about 50/50 in our families. Some of them died young. Some of them died well into their nineties, but nonetheless, I'm thankful that we're at this age.

And I'm thankful for you. I'm thankful to all the people who are willing to do what it takes to live long, healthy, happy lives, to get off of medication, to move and feel better, to move with ease. 

You inspire me every single day. 

My suggestion is every day, not just on Thanksgiving, not just this Thursday, but every single day you get up and you think of one thing that you're grateful for, even if it's the same thing every day. It's going to help reduce stress. It's going to make you less volatile because when you're thankful, when you're grateful, you can't get too angry. You really can't. 

That's it , hope you have an amazing week.

May you move well, stay healthy, be happy.

Talk to you next time.