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Feb. 1, 2022

That's a Rap... er Make That a Wrap!

You've spent the last 30 days resetting your fitness and health. Today let's look forward to what's next!


Yo, yo, miss Peg, are you ready for some rap? (strange rap music sounds) 

That's it. I can't do rap. I'd love to do rap, but this is actually the wrap up of the last day... it's all over our 30 day challenge, our 30 day fitness and health reset. 

How did you do? Did you enjoy it? Did you have a good time? Did you do all of it? Did you do part of it? Write to us and let us know.

We'd really like to hear... miss Peg's with me today. She's joining me. 

We had fun. Yeah, we had a good time. 

We always have a good time with these things. 

We so want you to get benefit from this. And as I said the other day, if you've listened to the podcast, the last four or five days, we have decided to continue on with this.

We've got some things we didn't get to... miss Peg and her balls and all of her amazing tools. We're going to be sharing more of that in the next few days with you. 

We just want to congratulate you if you did it all, if you did part of it, whatever. Did you make some dramatic changes in your life? Did you make some small changes in your life?

Any changes are perfect. 

That's what we're looking for. 

You get the momentum from one little change and you realize that, oh, that wasn't so bad. And then that can grow. 

Absolutely. So we're really excited. We had a lot of fun putting that together. 

Now, there are some changes coming up in the next few days. The podcast is going to continue, but if you use to get to the podcast the next couple of days that's going to take you to a new website. On top of the website will be a link to the podcast. The podcast will be at is going to be a membership area. And that's where we're going to give you more support, deeper support. All of those information will be coming out pretty soon. I think you're going to find it's really exciting. 

So in the next day or two, when you visit that's going to take you there and right up on top, it says the podcast is located here. A big gold banner. Just click on that to come to the podcast, but you might want to take a minute and read down that page and see what we're offering there. 

I think a lot of you are going to be interested in that and... If you're not that's okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's okay. Because the podcast will continue and that may be enough for some of you. But we know many of you have been asking for more support and that's exactly what this new website is going to bring.

Peggy got anything else? Any other words of encouragement and excitement? Did you want to talk about dogs puppies? 

The whole concept of what we're trying to share as we go on with is the concept of self-care and self-care can look different for every single one of you, because what the concept of self-care is to find those things that you will do for you every day to feel better in your skin.

Those may be totally different than anyone else in your family or your friends. So pick and choose, try some of these things, maybe some things that you haven't tried before, because you didn't think you'd like it. Well, you might find that you really, really like it. And if you have any questions, give us a holler.

But that's what this whole concept is, is finding those tools that will work for you.

So please keep visiting the podcast. You'll find the new link unless you're already listing on Spotify or somewhere. That link will remain the same, but the link will be going to our new membership site. And take a look at that. Take a look, take a few minutes, take a look. If you got any questions, get to us.

And with that, may you move well, stay healthy, , be happy. Let your life with passion and maybe find a purpose just for the fun of it. Yeah. Talk to you all tomorrow. Bye.