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Dec. 27, 2021

The Day After Christmas, A Poem

I have a poem I'm going to read to you. It's called The Day after Christmas.  Enjoy the poem and message!


I have a poem. I'm going to read to you. 

It's called The Day after Christmas. 

It's one day after Christmas, I'm crabby, I'm broke. 

I'm so full of ham and fruitcake. I think I'm going to croak. 

It's nice to see the relatives, but I wonder when they'll leave, they've been camping in my bathroom since early Christmas Eve.

They're eating everything in sight and sleeping in my bed. 

I've been sacked out in the basement was my spotted beagle. Fred.

The relatives have all gone out and left their screaming brats. The toilet bowl is all plugged up. I can't find the cat. 

It's Christmas time at my house. The relatives are here. They eat me out of house and home, and they drink up all my beer.

I love the decorations and the sleigh bells in the snow, but I wish those pesky relatives would take their kids and go. 

Those cookie crunchers fed the dog, a 20 pound rib of roast. His feet are sticking in the air like skinny, old fence posts. 

Now they're in a free for all the girls against the boys. They're fighting over boxes because they're bored with all their toys. 

My mother-in-law's snoring in my favorite TV chair. Those kids. are stringing lights and tinseling her hair. 

I ought to wake her up before the fireworks begin. But I want to see those blue sparks fly when they plug her in. 


I read that for a reason. I think it's cute. I think it's funny, but Christmas is so hectic and so often we're so glad when it's over and we get back to our routine. 

So welcome back to your routine. Take a few minutes, take some deep breaths and let's get things going again. 

Start your daily workout right now. Start your eating plan. Start breathing daily, meditate, everything that you know makes you feel good. 

Once you do that, if your Christmas was like this, it'll get much better. 

That's my message for today. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and a beautiful merry 2022. We'll see you in the studios and online.

Move well, stay healthy, be happy and let's live passionately together.