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Oct. 4, 2021

The Heart of RiversZen

Setting at the beach during the sunrise I was thinking about the current shape of our world and how it applies to RiversZen and all of our friends. So I fired up my camera and shared my heart for a few minutes.


Good morning, If you are watching the video I know you can't see me because it's dark. 

I'm sitting by the ocean, waiting for the sun to come up seeing if I'm going to get any kind of a sunrise just for enjoyment. And I kind of want to start sharing a little bit more with people. What Peggy and I are all about, maybe I should say me, maybe I shouldn't even drag her into my thoughts and delusions. But one thing we've noticed when we opened RiversZen the idea was to be for all people to... to be able to provide a practice, some sequences of stretches and movements and possessions that help people to move and feel better. 

Isn't that what we all want, especially those of us aging a little bit? 

I mean, if we can just stay in motion and move and feel better our whole lives. That's kind of our goal. 

In the beginning, we kind of appeal to this broad section, what I would call the, the center, the non political part of the country, the people who, who just want to live a good life and enjoy their life. 

But over the past few years now, what I call the center... I used to think maybe 5% were extremely, I guess you'd say, right wing and 5% were extremely left wing. And we always kind of felt we appealed to the 90% in the middle. But the middle is shrinking. People are choosing up teams and  I don't totally understand that. 

I mean, it's like when somebody wants to come to the studio now it's almost like we're being interviewed to see if we're on the "right team". 

And and it's so strange. 

Some of the questions we get asked are just... I don't get it. I don't get it. 

We've, we've been about safety and health since day one. We've sanitized our studios for over 10 years, we've encouraged people to stay home if they're sick and not infect others. But yet now there seems to be the standards that are that are just crazy, both for and against. 

People when they come into the studio want to know, are we vaxxers are anti vaxxers? They ask if we're vaccinated, which is really nobody's business. I know some of you are argue with that. But that's okay. That's okay. You have your right to your opinion. 

I know even some people will leave or not come to the studio, not because of our opinion but because of our stance. 

We still feel we're in the middle, our studios are still apolitical. 

So I don't know this could be kind of interesting. Let me answer some of your questions. Maybe save you some time. 

Do we believe in vaccinations? 


 Are we anti vaxxers? 


Did we vote for Biden? Do we like Biden? 


Did we vote for Trump? Do we like Trump? 

No, not really. 

Do we?... I don't even know what to say. I mean, the questions are just also so crazy and not important to what we do. It's It's It's insane. It's an insanity. That's just sweeping the world. 

People have chosen up sides. And both sides, both sides, if your team says it, even if it's the most ludicrous thing in the world, you go along with it, even if you're not, even if when you listen, you go, huh???? 

That's like, Oh, well, my team said it. So it's got to be right. I'm part of Team A or Team B or team whatever. 

Critical thinking is disappearing. I think we all need to start thinking for ourselves. But as part of this country I think we need to let other people think for themselves. 

If you want to get vaccinated, get vaccinated 

If you don't want to get vaccinated, don't get vaccinated. 

If you're a firm believer in liberal policies, and you vote for the Democrats, great 

If you're a firm believer in conservative policies, and you vote for the republicans, great. 

We care. We have our belief and we vote our beliefs. But we don't share those. We just don't because of the teams. 

I mean in the past, 10 years ago, we would have told you exactly what I felt about everything. But we're not gonna pick a team. 

We're on Team humanity. We're on Team love.

I do a little meditation. I mean, I think it's really good and stress reduction is huge. Getting out of stress is huge. 

By all the angst of playing on the teams that makes it tougher and tougher to get out of stress.

Peggy and I both blame the 24 hour news cycle, they have to come up with sensational things, they have to take minor things and blow them up into these huge, huge mega storms and, and they have to portray the other side wrong. 

I do not know of an Independent News Network. 

Now some of you will say PBS, and I say step back and look at it... not really, 

Some of you will say Fox, I say Oh, come on, step back and look at it... Not really. 

And the rest of the news outlets are just totally partisan, totally partisan. Like those two aren't. 

Anyways, I think you know where I'm going, and I hope you know where I'm going. I know, it's funny, because we've always felt pretty well accepted. But now we're, we're being attacked from both sides. 

And all we can do is keep breathing, keep delivering for you. What we think, is the most important, and the most important is to get rid of stress to know to be able to join in with a class and sequences. 

We've proven out over the years, our designed stretches that are designed to help you move and feel better. And that's what it's all about. That's what it's all about to us. 

We hope everybody can accept each other a little more. 

I don't know maybe maybe it's gone too far. And those days are over. 

But damn sure hope not. 

I hope we can get back to, to loving our neighbor and to, to just accepting each other, accepting each other's differences in beliefs and, and and backing what's right, what's morally right. What's, what's just right. 

I mean, you know, if you really think about things, you listen to some of these arguments on things. You're like, Oh my god, how about some critical thinking? How about rather than just beating the drum and saying my team's better? How about some critical thing because your team's not always better? Sometimes your team gets annihilated for no reason at all, if you're wanting to talking sports. And and it's not no reason, it's because the other teams either better prepared ro just had a better day, you got up on the wrong side of bed or whatever. 

I mean, we fall a little bit to both sides. And I'm not going to tell you on what issues but all I'm going to tell you is we believe in you. 

We believe in our country. 

And we believe in our studios 

We just turned five years on October 1 in Ilwaco. And on May 1, we turn 10 years in Astoria, and we're going to hang in as long as we can. 

You know we've lost a lot of clients who just don't even know what we believe because we won't come out and stand up for their side. They they say we can't support you because you won't stand up for what's "right". 

And just because I won't come out with certain statements I've been called everything from a murderer to hater and more. 

I don't know it just goes on and on. 

It's endless so that's my Sunday morning thoughts for today.

It's a little different than... I haven't been doing Sunday mornings for a while but it's been a little disheartening to tell you the truth. 

And so I want to get back to basics myself, I want to get back to sharing and that's my Sunday message rant, whatever you want to call it... a I guess it's a rant. 

But please people 

Please love each other. Love your life. It's a short one. 

So actually thought that reminds me, I actually heard someone make a statement where they said, "life's too long". I thought oh my god, that it's too too long of a time before we die. And if our world's coming to that that's so sad. 

So we love you whether you love us or not. 

And I mean that - that isn't just some theatrical thing. 

We really love people. 

We wish you the best and we hope you'll come to classes and continue come to classes and with that...

 I want you to move well no matter what you do. I want you to move well stay healthy, and most of all be happy!