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Oct. 9, 2021

The Number One Common Trait Among People Living Long, Healthy and Happy Lives

Years of observation have let me to realize that there is indeed a single common trait among people living long, happy, healthy and vibrant lives.


Dave Stevens  
One of the best things you can do for your health is to have a mission in life to know your mission, we will articulate your mission. 

What do I mean by that? 
Well, it's been shown that having a mission, having a purpose, is the most important thing to a long, healthy and happy life. 

Welcome to driving with Dave, we're having having a beautiful morning here in the Pacific Northwest and I hope you're having the same 

I want to talk to you about missions. Finding a mission, finding something you're patient about, finding something you truly care about, really can help you to live a long, healthy, happy life. 
Tons of studies show that. I don't know if I'm gonna bother to look them up. I think that's something you can do on a DuckDuckGo search and I do highly recommend DuckDuckGo over Google if you don't want them tracking you knowing everything you look for you want those ads to start popping up on the side. You go look at a whole list, say some type of exercise quiz and the next thing you know you're flooded, flooded with these different exercise equipment ads, no matter where you're at on the internet. It's a little scary sometimes it's like, oh my gosh, you know, they they grabbed this information off of a quick search, they assume that I want exercise equipment, and shared it all over the place. So it's Yeah, duck, duck go. There's my tip of the day. Duck Duck goat doesn't do that. It's basically an anonymous search engine. And I think you'll be happy with it. Once we left Google and went to duck duck go You see not quite as many of those targeted ads and Duck Duck go itself. But this is not a commercial for Duck Duck go. 

But it does bring up a subject of awareness. The healthiest, happiest people I know, are people that have a mission. And they follow that mission. They they spend most of their waking hours thinking about their mission in life and what is it? 

For years, I floundered. I had no idea what my mission was. I had multiple businesses which I loved.

I love creating businesses. I loved running businesses, I had everything from a gold mine to a gasoline additive, it was called power fuel. This stuff works, it was a fuel additive, it was just amazing. 

I learned a lot of lessons through the whole process. I found out that getting a product on the shelves of stores is not as easy as one would think. And getting a product in the proper packaging is not as easy as one to say in this particular instance. Here's a good example the product was a fuel additive, but unfortunately, it would eat plastic containers. So to put it in a plastic bottle, like STP (STP was kind of our main competitor) you might say it's the one that was on the shelf for $1.99. And really didn't do a whole lot for your gas. But STP was out there. This particular, it just floated on top of the gas. 

Our product - actually it's sold extensively in Japan. as North American Petrolium. Our product actually combines with the gas, it was it was discovered, it was invented by a professor from MIT. He created this formula that would give gas and octane boost, it would clean up the gas. Even gaslike pemex, you could take that nasty Mexican gas and add our additive, I think it was an ounce for 10 gallons, something like that basically put an ounce in a tank of gas. And it would actually clean up the engine. You would look under a microscope. that gasoline that you bought in Mexico, and it would be dark and cloudy. You put our product in it it actually changed the molecular structure of the gasoline. And would boost performance, would boost octane, you basically got 92 octane performance on an 87 octane tank of gas - the stuff was amazing. 

I mean, and it was really inexpensive. It was only about $1 an application but unfortunately, in the 80s, my partner and I could only find metal cans and we had to make a cost effective way to put 12 ounces in a can. 

We did get on the shelves that a couple auto parts stores chains. And the problem was here's our $12 can Even though that was 12 individual applications, sitting next to the 1.99 STP, which the STP didn't accomplish anything, it made people feel good, but it did not accomplish anything, or our product actually was amazing. And we never were successful with it. 

We sold a lot to people, you know, the guys, the tractor pulls, where they hook up a chain between two vehicles and they pull, man, those guys would dump it in there by the 12 ounce can full because the octane boost that would give them but so I'm not even sure how I got off on that, to tell you the truth. It's an interesting story. But it's a story about the company's I bounced around anything that I thought would be profitable, I pursued. 

Sometimes I was right. 

Sometimes in the case of power fuel, I wasn't. But that was okay. It was it was fun. It was a mission, I wouldn't say it was a mission, it was just, I've never played well with authority figures. So I realized early on early in my 30s, that I would need to work for myself. So I found a partner shortly thereafter, in my mid 30s. Dick and I just had an amazing business life together. 25 years together before he passed, and we we ran a lot of businesses. 

So was that my mission? No, not really, my mission, I guess then was to was to make money to family be comfortable and to enjoy my life? 

Well, since I've kind of retired from that business, Peggy and I are kind of doing our thing, we're helping businesses to, to do more street marketing to to become self sufficient, and not dump tons of money into name recognition ads. And we used to go around Phoenix and we'd speak with small business owners and even around the world

I worked with some amazing companies that we were able to help them with some what I called street smart business. But I didn't realize what my mission in life what I was put on earth for until I was physically broken. 

And that was in the early 2000s that I was getting into my 50s and late 40s. I just started breaking down, it's a longer story, I'm not going to go into depth here. But let's just say I was facing multiple surgeries. I was potentially facing life in a wheelchair. I did not want that. So I went on a mission of my own at the time. My mission then was to figure out ways to heal me to move and stay healthy without surgery without medication. So Peggy and I went on... she has her own story to tell on that also... it's funny how we both hit that point in our lives almost at the exact same time. So Peggy and I did some research and we discovered techniques that helped us to move well and stay healthy.

And and then we discovered, as we moved better and we stayed healthy, we gave up some old bad habits and learned some techniques to align our body and to stretch stronger to create bodies that moved well through space. And as the more we move well through space, the more we we rejected certain medications for ourselves and found alternative medications and got into some supplementation...

 I don't believe handfuls of pills are good, supplements or prescription medication, ut there are certain things that just work really well for us. 

I gotta slow down I got a deer. Hi, buddy. beautiful little male, six pointer looks like to standing by the side of the road. So how cool is that, huh? 

Anyway, that's, that's beside the point. When you go on a drive with Dave, you never know what squirrel is going to jump out in front of him and, and take his attention away for the moment. But let me get back to it. 

So we got ourselves feeling pretty good. And then with you know, we were taking care of elderly parents, we were assisting my business partner who was 22 years older than me in his final years. And so that's kind of became our mission for a while but once they all passed, and we were kind of left with Okay, what's the next chapter? \

We discovered that we could help people by teaching them what we knew and showing the methods and techniques we actually created RiversZen out of that desire to help other people. And that is now our mission. 

Our mission is to help as many people as we possibly can to move well, stay healthy and be happy no matter what age they are, no matter how old they are, no matter where they've been before in their life, it is entirely possible to make that happen. 

Okay, I'm just going into the state parks, I got to get my pass up on my car. Hopefully they've got the gates open so I can go watch some waves, which I often like to do. In the mornings, I do my best thinking when I'm driving when I'm watching waves when I'm sitting at the beach. So I've got a ranger behind me, I've got a feeling he's probably heading to unlock those doors. So I got my pass up and am moving along. 

So our mission, our goal into life to restate, is to help as many people as possible move well stay healthy, and be happy. We've developed classes for the move well part and staying healthy part these classes are just, they're amazing. They're put together with our own expertise through all of our training.  all of time we've spent with people working with them, helping them to achieve their goals. To get some of the amazing side benefits from this. 

We have people  who have had lifelong asthma who after we're done with some simple lung work  go back to their doctor who says I don't think you ever had asthma. What a shock that it is must have been to these people I mean, they came in all celebrating but when they first found out that had to be almost a shock to the system like oh my god oh my god, 

It's beautiful here it Cape Disappointment if you ever get a chance to come to Waikiki Beach at Cape Disappointment state park in Washington you get the beautiful waves,  you get the lighthouse up on the hill. I like it this time of year because the birds have painted the cliffs white.

So there are so many benefits. This in particular is to tell you to find your mission in life. 

So that's the next step. How do you find your mission in life? 

I think one of the ways is simplicity. Bring yourself back to a spot where you're not rushing.

I've been reading Walden Pond, I'm sure many of you most of you are probably familiar with that. And I do like his philosophy of we create these these castles, these homes, these, this lifestyle, or we're constantly chasing the next thing, we're not satisfied with what we've got. 

If you can step back from that a little bit and carve out a little bit of time for yourself, and really stop and ask yourself, okay, what is my mission in life? 

What is it that I want? 

What is it I want to accomplish? 

I think once you do that, all of a sudden your mission will become clear. I'm sure there's other techniques, but I like meditation. I hesitate to say meditation because it conjures up all these thoughts of, of Buddha like characters sitting cross legged going ohmmmm, and ladies wearing long flowery outfits because they've got their meditation uniform. 

Meditation is so simple. In fact, in a way, I'm meditating right now, 

I'm talking to you. 

I'm sitting at one of the most beautiful spots I've ever been to in my life. 

And it's just refreshing. It's its lightness. Its enjoyment. I don't have any special uniform on... I'm not going home. I'm not even closing my eyes. I'm just giving myself the time to breathe. And think. 

So my recommendation wrapping this up, this was a lot longer than I anticipated it would be. What do we add here? We're 13 minutes, almost 15 minutes. But that's okay. I had a message, a story to tell. And I want to get that out. 

So my recommendation is for you to find whatever it is, that is your mission in life and then to embrace that mission, love that mission. And always be willing to tweak that mission. 

So until I talk to you next time, move well, stay healthy, be happy. And as today's session, points out, find your patient. We will talk to you next time.