Oct. 18, 2022

The Number One Key to Lifelong Fitness and Health

The Number One Key to Lifelong Fitness and Health

It may not be what you think... it's not a new exercise program, a magical way of eating or the new super energy drink...


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The Number One Key to Fitness and Health

This is a fitness and health podcast. Why do we spend so much time discussing mindset, discussing having a positive attitude, discussing believing that you can accomplish your goals? 

Well, that's because that's actually the number one key to fitness and health. 

When it comes down to the actual mechanics it's really pretty simple. Eat well and move. That's it. There's lots of subsets on that. There's posture, there's resistance stretching, there's picking the proper human diet for you, of carnivore versus low carb versus vegetarian versus everything else. 

The biggest thing though, is if you don't believe, if you truly do not believe that you can age well. That you can have strength and vitality no matter how old you are, no matter how young you are. If you believe that you're just not built for strength and vitality, then you're not going to accomplish those two simple things. 

As I've witnessed the fitness industry now for close to 15 years, working in it. It's an industry that really has perplexed Peggy and myself. Because we just see people come in and they start taking classes and they start eating well and they feel better and better and better. And then boom. Next thing you know, they're returning to all of their old habits.

Maybe we're more simple people than most. I don't know. It's like once we discover something that works, we stick with it. We both have this personality. Maybe that's one reason we were attracted each other. You know, there's a lot of differences between the two of us. We both have this personality of finding something that works and sticking to it, and if you get off of it, you get right back on.

I love that podcast I did a few weeks ago about making the next best choice. Well, that's it. That's, the key. If you mess up. You have a bad day eating. You have a day, you don't move well. Rather than beating yourself up for that, you make the next best choice. 

So that's why we spend the time that we do on mindset. Because I think when it gets right down to it, after our 15 years in the fitness industry, people just don't get the right mindset.

They let themselves distracted. I mean, I'm the first one in class that a cool dog or something goes by that is for me, it's like squirrel. But as far as your health and fitness, you can't chase that squirrel down the street. You can see squirrel and maybe eat that birthday cake or have a drink or something that you, you know, isn't good for you. In the moment, you want that satisfaction... that instant gratification.

Make the next best choice. Just say, you know what? That was what it was. Don't even judge whether it was good or bad. Just move on, get back to your healthy lifestyle.

So wishing for you that you move and you eat well. And you live the life of your dreams because the life of your dreams comes from being fit, healthy, and happy.

Move well, Stay healthy, be happy... that's why we say that. The life of your dreams comes out of that because once you've got the body down, once you've got the body, where you can move well, and you kinda look at medications. I, I harp on medications a lot because the side effects are often worse than what they're curing. And they just mask the symptoms. They don't fix the underlying cause. 

Through good nutrition, through daily movement, you can fix that. 

So that's why, that's why I spend so much time... Peggy, myself, and Kim, spend so much time encouraging you to have that positive mindset, to know that you can accomplish living a long fit, healthy, happy life. You do not have to give in to the effects of aging. You do not have to become that desperate, older person. 


So may you move well, stay healthy, be happy and live the life of your dreams. I'll talk to you next time.