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April 30, 2022

The Power of Gratitude and Saying Thank You

Did you know that practicing gratitude is linked to a ton of positive benefits? 

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Did you know that practicing gratitude is linked to a ton of positive benefits? From boosting our mood to strengthening our relationships, to actually improving our physical health. 

It's really quite incredible how much power gratitude has. But so often we get caught up in our busy lives and we gloss over countless opportunities to practice gratitude and we forget to express our thanks for the little things each day. 

So in this moment right now, I encourage you to think back on your day so far. Whether it just started and you woke up 10 minutes ago or whether you're at the end of the day, getting ready to head to bed. No matter where you are on today's journey. I want you to identify an opportunity to say, thank you. 

For example, maybe your day is just beginning, but when you look back to just two minutes ago, perhaps you were nice and cozy in your warm bed. So you choose to say, thank you to your cozy bed for serving as a safe space for you to rest. 

Or maybe you're at the end of the day and you can think back on a simple interaction. Maybe someone gave you a smile or said, hello or gave you a compliment. Whatever it is think of a moment that you can be grateful for. 

Now think back on your day so far. Do you have that moment? Can you reflect on it? Can you take it in. Can you feel how good it feels? To be grateful. 

I encourage you to simply say out loud, or in your own mind, thank you. And really feel it in your body. 

Every thought of gratitude, no matter how small is nourishing your mind and your body.