Nov. 25, 2022

This is Serious Business!

This is Serious Business!

Peter half kiddingly, half serious used to tell me, Dave, this is serious business. It's a serious business you have...


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This is serious business!

In class this morning I was making light of something and I thought of my, my good buddy from New York City, Peter. 

Peter half kiddingly, half serious used to tell me, Dave, this is serious business. It's a serious business you have. This was pre the fitness business, but I've always tended to take things a little lighthearted to kind of make fun, to enjoy my life.

And Peter, he was on the Bucket Brigade in, uh, nine 11 in New York City. He was a police officer in new York and a hero for sure. In fact, he died basically of complications from that, that whole situation. 

But Peter was bigger than life. He was an amazing guy. . It's amazing the number of people I've had in my life who are bigger than life 

and are amazing people.

Peter was one of them, and I just loved the guy dearly, but he would look at me and go, Dave, this is serious business. You need to get serious. 

Well, I think he was a little bit serious. I think he was also a little lighthearted on his own, but I believe you can be serious... Like I'm serious about our fitness classes. I'm deadly serious about our fitness classes. I think that you need these fitness classes. You need a fitness class. You need a regular practice so that as you age, you age well. 

You don't end up sitting on a couch. You end up where you can go for walks. You can enjoy your grandkids, you can go on trips, whatever it is that lights you up, you can do.

You don't have to age poorly. You can age powerfully. You can age vitally, but I think a little lightheartedness along the way can make it easier. 

So when I'm cutting up a little bit, I get some memory and I throw it in there and I make some offhanded comment, or I make some offhanded comment about myself or, or one of the dogs on screen or whatever.

Don't think, I don't think the class is serious... because I do. It's very serious. It's very important, and I don't want you... 

I'm going to suggest that you treat your life the same way. Be serious about the things that are important to you. But you don't have to have a scowl, you don't have to have a dower face. You don't have to be sour. 

You can be lighthearted and smile and enjoy the process.

If you do that, I think you can get much better results.

So there's today's message. When you're in a situation that you feel should be deathly serious and you're, you're glaring, take a deep breath in, bring a smile to your face. Bring a little lightheartedness into your life and go on in your serious business. 

May you move well, stay healthy, be happy, find a purpose, and live with passion. Talk to you next time.