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July 28, 2022

Thrive Thursday

Ok, ok... enough with the negative thoughts, it's time to Thrive!!!!

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You are enough. 

How about that? After three days of telling you you were a failure, you suck and you're weak, I decided to go the other way. 

It's Thriving Thursday

Know you actually are enough and don't kid yourself, stop with all that negativity. You're strong enough. You're smart enough. You're pretty enough. You're healthy enough. Your body is designed to thrive. It knows how to heal. 

You just have to believe that... you have to believe that you have the willpower to do exactly what you need. You have to know that you can take five 45 minute segments a week and block that out to do a class to get yourself in great shape, to feel great.

The classes work for both mind and physical. So find yourself a fitness class that you love (hint, hint, recommentation.. Dave, Monday through Saturday 8:00 AM, Pacific time online or in person at our local studios). So that's just, just a little hint. Okay?

But there are many other classes. I mean, let's face it. Peggy and Kim are amazing. And there's lots of other people out there. I really like classes. I think classes... beyond just going in individually. Now, some people can work individually and that's fine, but classes really, really accentuate your results. They really explode your results. 

So just know you have every thing it takes to eat well.

To move well to stay healthy, to thrive for life. 

Until I talk to you tomorrow, may you move well and stay healthy and be happy and find a purpose so you can live with passion.