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Nov. 15, 2021

Turns Out Your Momma Was Right

Remember when mom would wag a finger at you and say, "stand up straight"? Yep, me too!


It turns out your mama was right!

You don't know how much that pains me admit that. When she used to tell me, Dave, stop slouching, set up straight. I'd roll my eyes and go, oh my God, here we go again. I used to hear that a lot. That was before the days of cell phones and such, I read a lot, but, uh, I don't know why I didn't stand up straight why I slouched, but I did.

It turns out that mom was absolutely 1000% right. 

It turns out that, by having a forward posture, having text neck. When you have text neck, when you have forward shoulder position, when your torso is bent forward. Every inch it comes forward, adds incredible pressure on your lower back and your shoulders and, and your neck.

It turns out having the entire body in align, your ankles over your feet, over your heels, your knees over your ankles, your shoulders, over your hips, your hips, over your knees, all the way down. Basically our ears to our shoulders, to our, to our hips, to our knees, to our ankles. We want that straightened alignment.

We want those stacked because when they're stacked. Gravity, doesn't pull on the muscles of the body. You settle in very nicely. It's when we talk about grounding, that's basically what we're talking about. 

My only message today is your mama was right. When she told you to stand up straight, you probably wish you would have done it. 

So stand up straight, move well, stay healthy, be happy. Live your life with passion . Talk to you next time.