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Dec. 23, 2021

Two Days Before Christmas - Let's Breathe!

It's two days before Christmas, what could I share with you today that would have the best benefit for your life?


It's two days before Christmas, what could I share with you today that would have the best benefit for your life? 

It's a stressful time. It's an enjoyable time. We all have so many great memories of Christmas past and hopefully we'll have many more great memories of Christmas present and future.

But it can be so stressful when we run ourselves ragged. 

Well, two days before Christmas, you may have a little more shopping to do, you may have some more things to do to make it perfect. I know many of you are striving for that. 

What I'm going to suggest today is that we breathe. That's it.

Stress reduction. 

Take five minutes right now. Let's do some deep breathing.

Before we do, let me tell you a little bit about the breath. Why do we talk so much about the breath Peggy and Kim and I? We're always saying, if you come to our class, you probably get tired of hearing breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe deeply, take long, slow, deep breaths.

Well, there's a reason. These days, most of us are shallow breathers. We breathe very high into our chest. Our shoulders shrug multiple times a day because of that. 

22,000 times a day is the average amount of times a person takes a breath in. Think about that. If you're breathing shallow and your shoulders go up every time you take a breath, you're doing 22,000 shrugs a day. 

Oh my gosh. No wonder we develop these tight shoulders that make it difficult to move and relax and feel well. 

Research has shown the benefits of deep, long, slow breath.

Breathing increases energy.

Lowers blood pressure.

Improves circulation. 

Alleviates anxiety disorders -without drugs. That's one of the best benefits I've ever found. 

It can help with your digestion. 

It can help improve your sleep. 

Helps you nervous system to function more smoothly. 

Can reduce pain.

Definitely reduces stress. 

Improves skin and reduces facial wrinkles.

Helps weight control as extra oxygen burns excess fat more competely. Did you know you could lose weight just by setting and breathing deeply? A couple of reasons. Number one is you're not running to the refrigerator and filling that pie hole, number two is that increased oxygen burns more fat.

Let's go ahead and take just a few moments now and do a quick, deep breathing exercise. 

I'd like you to do is find a comfortable seat. And if you're in a chair, get on the edge of the chair, sit nice and tall. We want the chest open. We want the, the middle of the body open, the torso open.

Take a nice deep breath, inhaling slowly through your nose with your mouth closed.

We allow our abdomen to rise. And the rib cage to fall. 

Take a long, deep exhale through your nose. Use the natural filters of your nose.

Make your breath deeper, slower, and quiet.

Diaphragmatic breathing, taking your breath in now all the way down to your belly. So your belly expands. 

When we talk about diaphragmatic breathing, it's the diaphragm pushing down into your belly, opening up the lungs so we can take that nice, deep, full breath. Blow it all out slowly, slowly in through your nose, out through your nose.

Take another deep breath in.

Let's hold it at the top.

Now open your mouth. Let the breath flow out naturally. 

You're not pushing. You're letting the breath flow naturally out of your body.

Another deep breath and really fill those lungs with air.

Again, pause the top, holding maybe a little bit longer this time.

Open your mouth and let it flow.

Let it go. Let it flow. Let it flow. Don't stop.

One last time take in a huge breath in., 

Hold. . Hold. Hold. 

Open your mouth. Let it go. Naturally flowing out. Naturally flowing out. Don't push don't push. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go. 

When you're completely empty out, now give a push.

Return to your normal breath in through your nose, out through your nose, becoming aware of how you feel. 

Just that two to three minutes of deep breathing can change your entire day. 

I'd recommend you do that multiple times today. 

Go through that little quick breathing exercise and see if it doesn't bring some stress reduction, some peace, some enjoyment back into your life.

Have an amazing day. 

Enjoy the Christmas holidays. We will be coming every day. So be sure to check in for the quick podcast. From Real People Fitness. 

Move well, stay healthy, be happy. Live your day with passion..