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Nov. 2, 2021

Uncomfortable Truths - Sometimes It Just Sucks

It would be really nice to tell everyone what they want to hear. But in our chosen profession that is rarely the case!




There are some ways what we do really sucks. 

You know, it's really fun to be in a business that inspires and motivates people. But what really sucks about the business is, our job is to share uncomfortable truths. 

Yes, in a perfect world... you see much advertising this way. In a perfect world, we could eat whatever we wanted, do whatever we want not have to force ourselves to workout, just live our lives. 

But unfortunately, if we want to thrive, if we want to move well and stay healthy and be happy, well into our later years, there are certain things we have to do. 

Unfortunately, some of that are just cold, hard truths. 

You have to clean up your eating, I recommend a low carb lifestyle, getting rid of sugar, getting rid of processed foods, you've got to get your body out of inflammation. 

That's an uncomfortable truth. Who wants to give up their treats? Who wants to give up what they absolutely love to eat? 

Well, you can replace it with some things, for instance I can replace chocolate with a ribeye. 

For me, I'm on a low carb eating plan, where I'm controlling my diabetes, where I've got my weight under control, where I'm fit and lean. 

Yeah, I can eat a ribeye instead of that chocolate bar. So it's possible to make it comfortable. 

But at the same time, would I like to have that chocolate? Sure. 

So there's some uncomfortable, there's one of the uncomfortable truths, we have to give up some of the things that we think we love. 

Now, we may not actually love them. But mentally we think we love them. So that's exactly what happens. 

We also have to move every day. There's another uncomfortable truth. 

You can't just sit on the couch watching TV, eating bobons, and, and thrive. It just does not work. I've never seen any recorded statement of anybody who has done that.

 People that sit around and eat crap. They just deteriorate, deteriorate, and often quite young 50 or 60s. They're burning out. They're done. 

I've seen it. I've seen it with friends, family and business partners. 

So that's what makes my job suck. 

Sometimes I have to share uncomfortable truth with you. 

Sometimes I have to uncomfortably call you out. 

After the fifth time in a week I've told hey, that's okay, we all slip occasionally. 

Well, if you've slipped five times in a week, you're not slipping, you quit. 

That's an uncomfortable truth. 

So it's tough. It's tough to sell uncomfortable truths. 

I look at the ads, eat whatever you want. eat all the foods you love. workout for four and a half minutes a day to be ripped for life. 

I mean, come on. We all know better than that. 

I think a perfect example is we bought a dog training course for our puppies. And it's interesting because she has a course called called potty train your dog for life in seven days or less. And I thought, wow, that's really good. 

So I bought her big program, which was all encompassing and I went to the potty training session, the first thing it said was, we all know it's a myth that you can train a dog in seven days

Like wait a minute, boy, talk about just luring you in and let you have it, it'd be interesting to see how well their refund policy works.

 That's it. That's it uncomfortable truths. 

I probably share these way often in different ways, because they're important. 

Nutrition is probably 90% of your health, your longevity. 

So get your eating cleaned up, get moving every day. 

Those are the two main things, then you have to breathe and hydrate and all that good stuff. 

But if you could move every day, if you could do a class for 20 to 60 minutes of movement every day, and clean up your eating. You're going to find amazing results in your life. 

You're gonna move well stay healthy and be happy. And I'll bet you find some passion too because your head will be clear and your energy levels will be through the roof. 

Talk to you next time.