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Jan. 9, 2022

Using Reflections and Meditation For Stress Reduction

One of the most powerful keys to living a long fit, healthy, happy, productive life is stress reduction.

Link to Meditation, I Am Able To Transcend Stress - A Reflection

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One of the most powerful keys to living a long fit, healthy, happy, productive life is stress reduction. 

Stress is so insidious. It's sweeps in, it just sucks the life right out of us.

Today I'm going to encourage you to go over to your members area at RiversZen fitness. Now remember if you're going through the program, if you haven't been a member of RiversZen before there a link to a 30 day free trial membership.

We've put together a 20 minute reflection. Reflections are so powerful. It's where you just find a spot to relax. You take some nice, long, slow, deep breaths, and then listen to the words, listen to the words.

There's always some soft music playing, usually some waves and just let your body absorb those words and see how they relate to your life. 

Today. We reflect on stress and your ability to transcend stress. The links are in the show notes. I encourage you head over to RiversZen Fitness members area right now. 

Make sure you've got 20 minutes that you can be undisturbed without distraction, where you can take that 20 minutes and just breathe, relax, and see how this works for you. 

Reflections work wonderfully for me, it's kind of the power of suggestion. It's just giving up and listening to somebody else and evaluating if the thoughts work for you and how they work for you.

That's today's message. 

Join us at RiversZen Fitness for reflections and meditations. Today's reflection meditation, I am able to transcend stress. 

Move well, stay healthy. Be happy, live a life of passion and purpose. Talk to you tomorrow.