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Feb. 28, 2022

We eat so differently do we shop, cook and eat together?

A member asked this question... here is the answer.

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Hi, we're sitting out at Cape D watching the big waves and Peggy and I wanted to do a quick little recording. We had a question about how do we eat so differently and still come together? The question was basically, how do you cook? Do you eat your meals together? Do you shop together? 

I think the first thing we probably need to do is tell you how we each eat. 

I'm borderline carnivore. I'm super, super, super low carb. I eat steak. I eat eggs. Fish. I eat chicken. I eat basically anything that comes from an animal. I also eat dairy. 

I'm a pescatarian. Most meat doesn't like me though. We did, did try liver last week and I've had no problem with it. So it's nice to be able to add that back into my eating. Cause I've eaten that since I was a child. But most meat doesn't like me. So I eat fish. Most of the veggies are above ground though I do take a yam and give myself maybe five thin slices that I slice up and add to my meal. Like, David, I will do dairy. I will do now liver And veggies and that's pretty much it. 

As you can see, we eat very differently. For instance, at breakfast, I'll probably make a. Oh, maybe I've got some ground beef made up and I'll scramble that up and make a four egg omelet with a couple different types of cheese.

And at the same time, Peggy is making a one or two egg omelet with avocado and veggies and maybe a thin thin slice of toast. She buys her bread in a loaf so she can slice it very thin. That meal's probably the closest we come.

For dinner, Peggy sautes some vegetables and some fish. And at the same time, I'm usually cooking a steak. I'd say, eat steak six, seven nights a week. You ask about diversity. Well, we find we're pretty boring. So maybe that's why this may not work for everybody.

Really easy to change up. So the fact that I was a pescatarian, I can easily change my meat up with no problem whatsoever. The ease with which maybe how we eat is the fact that my meal is in a single pan. Everything is sauteed in butter and I am in and out in maybe 15, 20 minutes from the time I start to prep till the time that it's done, which is pretty much the timeframe of...

we only know that because I, for dinner, I take my steak, I throw it on our little, uh, no, it's not active fry. It's it's it's by it's by new wave.

Um, just it's it's a grill. It's a griddle close griddle that does an amazing job on steak. You got a little probe you put in and you tell it how done you want it. And it just basically times that out and delivers a perfectly cooked steak. So, but I do, I am very diverse. I mean, some nights I ribeye and some nights I eat Chuck steak and some nights I eat tri tip and some, sometimes I make a roast and slice it up.

I think it's the simplicity of how we eat. We have cooked for each other. We each cook our own, but at the same time and we time it out, but we can't cook for each other. We do often cook each other's meals. Like if one of us is driving home, say from Astoria, we know when they hit Chinook. If we start the meal, we actually can have it on the table, basically when the other person walks in. So yes, we cook together. 

The other question was, do we shop together well, peg, do we shop together? 

Most of the time, it is more of an issue of convenience then whether we shopped together. I mean, if it's, if it's convenient, and I'm in Astoria and it's the Costco time. Then maybe I'll go to run the errands. But for the most part, we've shopped together for years.

We liked going together. Me, especially, I'm a very directed shopper just try to keep up with me when we get in, we build our lists throughout the week. We have a free app called Cozi. It's just great for keeping our keeping our grocery list. And what's nice is it's shared. So whichever one of us has to be in Costco we just opened our cozi and even if the other person's updated at five minutes before we can pick up whatever we need. 

Like I say, we don't eat a lot of variety. We eat some protein bars and things we will supplement with occasionally. 

That's about it for snack at night we, eat chicaronnies and sour cream and that's just our little snack after dinner snack. 

If you don't know what that is. It's it's pork rinds . So it's pretty much, it's pretty much protein, but it has crunch, not having chips or crackers or those kinds of things a lot of times you miss the crunch. And so that is a great way with still eating protein to get the return of that crunch into your diet. 

So our advice would be to keep your eating plan simple. We're not people who to have casseroles and meat loaves and fancy dishes, if you are, yeah, it's going to be a little bit tougher for you to cook for a family. 

If you did like casseroles and those types of things, you go ahead and you make them ahead, maybe make them over the weekend or, or whatever. Then all you have to do is warm it up. You're not starting from scratch. So you're still being able to have the food so that everybody's able to eat together.

That's our advice. That's how we do it. Convoluted or not. That's how we, we eat. We basically two meals a day. We usually breakfast around noon and dinner around six, and very rarely do eat before noon. It's intermittent fasting. But we're not necessarily trying to intermittent fast. We just realized all the hype about breakfast being most important meal of the day is not true.

It's still breakfast that we start with.

Yeah. It's break fast. You're breaking your fast. 

This just normally the way our day works out, because we both have classes in the morning. We both have generally privates in the morning by the time those are done and we can finally reconnect it's generally noonish one give or take. So we've had a really nice period of time for our body to reset. 

Oh God, these waves are... 

I know it's just a gorgeous, it's gorgeous out here while we're talking to all of you. 

If you didn't realize that Cape disappointment in the Southwest corner of Washington, sitting in the parking lot, looking at the lighthouse, watching the waves. That's our second office. That's where we record most of these. 

It's pretty awesome. 

So that that's long enough for today. We just wanted to answer that question and we thought it might be of interest to you. If you need any help, figuring out how to do it for you and your family, let us know.

I'm happy to share. Cause I mean that can be an issue and let's face it. We want to be able to eat with each other. I mean, to me, that's really a nice part of the day to be able to eat with each other, to come together. Exactly, so that's it for today. I'm good.

Move well, stay healthy, be happy, live your life with passion and purpose and absolutely bye bye... say it higher. So bye bye... Thank you. Talk to you later.