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Jan. 17, 2022

Week Three Begins, Let's Stand Taller!

A quick recap of week's one and two and then we get right into standing tall!

Stand Taller To Feel Yummy In Your Bod Workshop

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Here we are the beginning of week three of the fitness and health reset for 2022. 

Let us know how you're doing. Send us an email, a text, however you can contact us a Facebook messenger. Just let us know how you're doing on the program.

Well, it's been interesting so far. I often equate our program to building a house.

We set a solid foundation by figuring out our compelling reasons and our passionate goals... that's our foundation, because without those, you can't build the house.

Then next week go after the four pillars, kind of like your framing. Those are breath, hydration, movement, and nutrition. So we've been working on all of that for the first two weeks.

Now this week, we're going to get a little bit more to the physical. You're already doing movement, but now there are three keys that we have found to help you move well throughout your life. 

The first, and your mama told you this, my mama was always telling me, Dave, stand up straight. 

We've got to improve the posture. You've got to roll those shoulders back. You've got to stack your ears over your shoulders, over your hips, over your knees over your ankles.

You've got to get everything in alignment because that's going to get rid of the lower back pain. It's going to help you move... it's going to take the pressure off of your knees. It's all about functional movements. 

We've got a really great workshop. It's about 50 minutes long in the member portal of RiversZen Fitness. I'm going to put the link below and you can go take a look at that. 

If you have not already taken advantage of the 30 day membership, if you're not already part of RiversZen please go ahead and do that. Take advantage of that 30 day free membership. Go in. You can kind of fast forward through parts of it. I know there's a couple spots where we visit a little bit, it's a live workshop we did about two years ago. 

And then later this week, we're gonna work on the StretchPro System. Resistance stretching is the bomb, man. It's absolutely what saved me from multiple surgeries.

Then Peggy is going to be going over the, her, uh, Peggy's got balls. That's the best way to put it. She's got balls. She's got straps, she's got voodoo floss. She's got some of the greatest tools in the world ever developed to get you out of pain and they're simple, easy and effective.

So that's it for today. 

Go ahead. Check out the workshop. If you've got any questions on posture, let us know... sometimes just awareness is enough. Just think about standing up straight and aligning your body parts, but go in that workshop, we really get into more depth on, the benefits of good posture and some exercises to help you improve your posture.

So until tomorrow move well, stay healthy, be happy, live with passion and find a purpose in your life.