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Aug. 18, 2022

Weekly Inspiratons

Inspiration, who inspires you? You may have not noticed, but I started a new weekly theme... it's let somebody inspire you. 

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Inspiration, who inspires you? 

You may have not noticed, but I started a new weekly theme... it's let somebody inspire you. 

I'm picking a person every Friday. I started with myself... little egotistical... but it really wasn't about ego. It was about the path that I've taken at 68 to be strong, healthy, fit and happy. 

Then I talked about Peggy last week and her amazing heart and what she gives. Let her inspire you. 

I'm gonna do Kim next week, and then I'm gonna start branching out because many of you inspire us. I wanna feature one of you every single week. 

I'm gonna be reaching out to some of you individually, but I would love to have you give me feedback if you would like to be featured here, because let's face it if you've accomplished something great in your life, through perseverance, through hard work or just through your general attitude, I'd like to know because there might be stories I don't know about. 

So please, if you wanna help other people by sharing your story, I would love to have you write to me and let me know that because I'd love to feature you next week as somebody to inspire other people. 

So look for this every Friday, I think you're gonna find some amazing people on here. I'm gonna do a lot of people that are members. I'm going to do a lot of people that I've met in my life. I'm gonna even do some celebrities and people that have gone against the odds, that have changed things in their life, that have turned their life around, that have beaten illnesses, that have beaten, beaten handicaps... that have beaten mental abuse... that just have beaten it. 

So every Friday you can tune and listen and hear about somebody who's done what you're trying to do. And you say, man, that person inspires me. 

Let me know. I'd love to hear from you. 

That's it for today. May you move well, may you stay healthy, may you be happy. I hope you can live every day with purpose and passion.

I will talk to you tomorrow.