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Sept. 9, 2022

What Are You Carrying?

I'd like to share a story with you...

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I'd like to share a story today. A psychology professor holds a large glass of water out in front of her. She asks her students. How heavy do you think this glass of water I'm holding is? 

The students shout out various answers, eight ounces, a couple of pounds. 

The professor replies... In my experience the actual weight of this glass doesn't really matter. 

For me, it all depends on how long I hold it. 

At first, it doesn't feel very heavy. In fact it's quite light. 

But if I hold it out in front of me, like this for five minutes, It might start to feel a bit heavier. My arm will likely start to ache a little. 

And if I were to hold it for a few hours, Or even the whole day. 

The weight of the glass would begin to feel excruciating. It might become impossible for me to hold it up. Even though... As the hours go on... the absolute weight of the glass doesn't change. The longer I hold it. The heavier it feels to me and the more it impacts me to carry it. 

If you've ever done Peggy's 5 minute arms out in class you totally get this!

The professor went on to explain that our stressors and worries in life are very much like that glass of water. Holding on to them for a little while it won't impact us too much. But as we hold on to them longer and longer the more they will affect us and the heavier their burden will become. And if we hold onto them for too long we can really begin to suffer. 

The story is a great reminder that it's important to acknowledge what we are holding. The worries, stressors, strong emotions, sticky thoughts. And to notice when we've been carrying them for too long without putting them down. 

If we find ourselves still feeling the weight of these burdens it might be a sign it's time to put the glass down and to let it go, to relieve the weight for a while. So it doesn't just keep feeling heavier and heavier. 

What might you need to put down today? How might you let go of what you've been holding, so that you don't unintentionally carry around extra weight? 

Remember things can become heavier the longer we hold on to them. So it's important to put them down every so often. 

And if you need any help, acknowledging and letting go meditations, affirmations and tapping are always excellent tools to turn to. 

We've got a lot of tapping, meditations, affirmations and reflections to try out. So take this as an inspiration to use the search function. Look up something that you've been holding on to, so you can let it go. 

Move well, stay healthy, be happy

Until tomorrow