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April 9, 2022

What Did The Wise Man Say To His Wife

What DID the wise man say to his wife???????

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What did the wise man say to his wife? 

Absolutely nothing... because he was a wise man. 

I saw that the other day and I giggled a little bit and, and, and thought that was really cute... but then all of a sudden it hit me. Was there actually some wisdom in that cute little joke?

I think there was. 

Now maybe the wisdom is not about not talking to your wife because you're afraid of her. I truly believe that spouses should communicate. That should talk to each other. You share with each other. I really believe that creates a long and better relationship.

Maybe the message overall is that you need to listen more, not only to your wife, but just in general.

I find that the most successful people I know, the most centered people I know, the most grounded people I know, are incredible listeners. They're not in a rush to get their point of view out there. They actually want to hear other people's point of view. They want to learn from other people. 

Take that little lesson today and do with it what you will.

Maybe once in a while, rather than being all excited to get your point across and not listening to the other person... cause all you can think about is what you're going to say next. Maybe you stop and you listen and you don't worry about what you're gonna say next. You just let them tell their story and then you respond appropriately. 

So what did the wise man say to his wife... to his friends... to his family?

Absolutely nothing because he was a wise man.

Move well, stay healthy be happy. Live with passion. Talk to you tomorrow.