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Aug. 23, 2022

Who Is This Guy?

That doesn't feel like me... but you know what?

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Who is this guy? 

I'm talking about the guy who teaches fitness classes Monday through Saturday morning at eight o'clock and other classes and records these podcasts.

I will sit and watch my class after it's over and just be fascinated by the guy who is teaching, by the guy who seems authentic, he seems real, he seems caring, he seems easily to be himself in front of other people. 

He's not acting, you can tell it's not a performance, not a scripted performance. It's just somebody who's willing to be himself and who delivers a fairly powerful class in my opinion, I would love taking classes from him.

And the podcasts. Most of them not scripted. Some I've written out, but most of 'em are not scripted and just sharing from the heart. 

I listen to these podcasts, I'm like, wow, who is that guy sharing what he wants to share with people, trying to help people? 

I wanted to share resistance stretching badly with everybody I could reach because it had changed my life, I wanted to change other people's lives. 

The first year I taught classes, I was absolutely terrified. I tried at first to be somebody I wasn't, I tried to emulate every instructor I'd ever seen in every class I'd been to and say the, the exact same things they say. 

Then one day I went in and I let go and let that other David come out. He was able to visit a little bit and share and try to explain it as simple a fashion as possible in a class setting of what resistance stretching is and how powerful it was and what it could do for you and here follow along with these movements.

I'll listen and say, wow, that does not feel like me, but you know what?

I realized that guy was me. That guy was me. That guy was my true self. 

So I've been expanding that more and more into my life and trying to let that guy come out instead of the guy who's afraid to open his mouth in public. 

I'm hoping you can take a lesson from it ... start looking for those little things you do that are right.

I talk about it in class sometimes... most people, when they're going through class, they're like, oh my gosh, I can't do what these other people do. I can't get into that pose. I can't get into that pose. Oh my gosh. I'm just not flexible. 

I think those are the wrong things to say to yourself.

I think the right things are to... let's say you're just on an easy pose. You're sitting crosslegged and maybe you noticed that, oh my gosh, I couldn't do this 15 years ago. I couldn't do this 10 years ago. I couldn't do this two weeks ago, but look at me now... or maybe this is something I naturally can do well. Wow, that's really cool. 

Or maybe, Hey, you know what I showed up? I mean, good God, that's the battle half the time. 

Find that beautiful person inside of you. 

Move well, stay healthy, be happy, live every day with passion and find that person, find that person that you are and embrace that person.