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March 2, 2022

Who Was Disappointed?

Cape Disappointment. That's a really unusual name for such a beautiful location. If you look at the cover art for today's podcast, you will see it's an amazing place.

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Cape Disappointment. 

That's a really unusual name for such a beautiful location. If you look at the cover art for today's podcast, you will see it's an amazing place. In fact, I have to be honest. I record the majority of my podcasts here. This is about five minutes from our home in Southwestern Washington... on the coast.

You sit here and there's these cliffs. Then in the summertime, comrades, occasionally puffins, all kinds of these amazing seabirds nest in the cliffs. 

You've got the lighthouse out over the point, protecting the north jetty, the mouth, the entrance of the Columbia river. 

I talk about this because I'm suggesting you find a place where you can de stress.

We talk about stress a lot, finding a happy place, finding a spot you can go is the way to eliminate stress. You can just come and breethe. Sometimes I come here and I just breathe. I don't always record a podcast, but I find so much inspiration here. 

I was telling my daughter, Kim today. It's kind of scary how inspired I get. When I sit in this location. There are piles of driftwood in front of me. Today it's soft waves coming up on the shore... the cliffs... and the lighthouse. It's a cloudy day and looking at saddle mountain and the mountains behind Astoria Oregon across the river. It's breathtaking.

It's breathtaking. It's just one of those magical places on earth. What's really cool... Is when I'm home and I need a little stress reduction. I can close my eyes and come here. I have this place memorized so well that it's my happy place. 

I want you to find your happy place. There's got to be a location. I don't care where you live. There's gotta be a location. You can go, sit, enjoy and just breathe. 

I would recommend finding a more quiet location. I can't see going to Penn station for instance, and finding that relaxed, maybe some people do, maybe some people, all that hustle and bustle around them and just settling in yourself, taking deep breaths and realizing that that hustle and bustle doesn't affect you. Maybe that works for you. 

You hear this episode often different ways, different thoughts... but I'm often suggesting that you find a happy place. You find a happy place you can go to physically... memorize that happy place so that when you need it, when you're out and about, you can call it right back up.

That's it. That is today's message. I pray that you move well, stay healthy, be happy and find a passion in your life.