Oct. 17, 2022

Your Chosen Family

Your Chosen Family

Sometimes the family you choose might be better than the one you were given. And if that is how you feel, it's ok!


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Your Chosen Family 

Sometimes the family you choose can be better than the one you were given. 

Sounds kind of cynical, doesn't it? 

I know many of you have wonderful families... parents, kids, grandkids, everything is perfect and that's awesome. 

But I wanna talk to the rest of us, the rest of us that maybe weren't given the perfect family... who had abusive parents. I want you to realize it's okay.

Because in my case, the family I chose was so much better than the family I was given. 

My business partner, my surrogate father, was amazing. He loved me for who I was. He never judged me. He always supported me, and he carefully guided me with love and compassion. My wife. Same. 

My friends. I have very dear friends right now... I have very dear and close friends who support me, who love me. 

I've created this family that just is so nurturing, is so wonderful, and helps me to thrive, and I realize it's okay to consider that my family.

I consider all of the people that come to RiversZen my family. We are likeminded people. Like-minded... maybe not politically... We have all diverse political... and I think the world is really messed up politically right now. We're choosing sides rather than having discourse and, and talking things out, it's I'm right and you're wrong. That's a whole 'nother story. I'm not gonna get into that today.

I really love that the people in here... we come in here and we don't talk politics, we don't talk religion. We come in with a common goal of moving better and feeling better as we age. 

Let me go back to the subject of today. Let me reassure you, 1000%, that if you feel the family you have chosen, Is better than the family you were given. Smile, enjoy, you are so blessed.

Until I talk to you again. Move well. Stay healthy, be happy. Live a life filled with passion and joy.