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Dec. 4, 2021

You Don't Really Need a Ripped 6-Pack

Your goal is not some extreme fitness program, your goal is to move well, feel great and stay healthy!


What makes RiversZen different?

By different, I mean, from your regular fitness studio where you, you go in and the whole goal is to get extreme rip six packs or bulging muscles, or to be this physical specimen.

We started RiversZen because that's not what we're all about.

Our goal is to be fit, healthy and happy. 

We don't need ripped six packs. 

I want to be trim. I want to look good in my clothes. All of us do.

I want to be healthy. I want to be fit enough that I don't deal with health issues. 

Part of that is your eating. 

The whole goal for me is to move well, feel great, look great and to enjoy life. 

I don't need extreme. 

You should not have to think about fitness 24 7. What you should do is be able to get a fitness routine. 

That's how we've designed RiversZen. To get a fitness routine where you can do a class five days a week. Throwing some common sense eating, and learn how to breathe and do that and make it your fitness routine.

So you're not thinking about it all day long. You're not obsessing. You're not running down the rabbit hole every time you see a new post on Facebook or on Twitter, Tik TOK or whatever it is, you're watching.

Commercials. Oh my God. Commercials. I've been listening for the past few days. I swear to God, if there were not commercials for drugs, pain, relief medications, selling, getting vaccines, and I'm not talking the COVID vaccine, talking all vaccines.

I mean, it's amazing the sales job the pharmaceutical industry is doing. We're bombarded constantly. If they have to do that big of a sales job makes you wonder. 

In fact, I've been thinking a lot lately about, you know, my mom, as she was aging said, she didn't want to go to the doctor because then she goes to the doctor, they'll find something wrong with her. I kind of blew that off at the time, but now I'm understanding it. Because it's almost like the mission of these people is not to check you out until you're healthy and fit and doing a great job. The mission is to find something wrong and write you a prescription.

Now, I don't know how much, I mean, the money that the pharmaceutical industry spends on advertising. I've got to believe doctors are well compensated for writing prescriptions. I could be wrong. I'm not going to get into a big argument with anybody over that, I truly believe that the whole world now is poised to be sick.

Some people love to be sick. But most of us don't, most of us want to move well, be healthy, live a happy life. Be able to go down to the beach, do whatever they want whenever they want. 

That's not what seems to be happening. It seems there are more and more people sick. You'd think with the advent of all these medications, all the medical knowledge, we would actually be getting healthier. 

But we are not getting healthier as a society we're getting fatter. We're getting slower. We're getting less healthy. We're not breathing deeply, and it's a problem. 

We are not getting healthy. We're getting unhealthy. So something's wrong. 

What's wrong? 

I feel the problem is we're chasing medications rather than chasing health.

My recommendation to you is to stop looking for drugs, to resolve your issues, establish a fitness routine, get where you're moving at least five days a week, and a planned fitness routine, a planned class. That's why we've developed the classes we have at RiversZen. You have a wide degree of choices. 

If you like live classes. You can go to a live class and get that interaction with the other people and the instructor, either online or in studio, but we have almost 300 on-demand classes. You can find classes that work for you and do those classes, or maybe you're going outside RiversZen. That's fine if you're not resonating with our classes, that's cool.

Find something that works for you. I think you will find most people will find exactly what they need in the RiversZen classes. That's what makes us different. 

You're not going to see a level on the classes. You're not going to see a beginner and intermediate because every class is designed so that you can modify down or modify up. The instructor gives you great instructions. Everybody should be able to do every class we have. Period. 

So get your mindset off of medication, off of jabs, off of all these crazy things. Get your mind off of needing an extreme six-pack and needing to be muscle bound. Lifting weights is important, especially as we age or strength training, not lifting weights, you can get strength training in many of our classes.

All of my classes particularly are designed with Stretch Stronger. That's where we're actually building strength for a full range of motion as we stretch 

Kim's classes, all core base 

Peggy's classes, core based, and working all those tiny muscles in your body. 

I just wanted to come today and I wanted to talk a little bit about this concept of the goal of not being ripped, not being an Olympic athlete, not being this crazy insane person who works out 30 hours a day. If that's possible. I think some of these guys, at the gym do work out 30 hours. They might, God, they're always in there. 

My goal is for you to be able to work out five days a week, anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes each day.

I'd work out seven. I do work out seven because on the weekends you can do a 10 minute, you can do a 15 minute, you can do a 20 minute class. You can do a meditative. I love doing a meditative class on Sundays. So find what works for you and do it. 

Your goal is to move well to stay healthy and in general, be happy.

Don't go running to medication, go running to a fitness routine. Clean up your eating and by cleaning up, you're getting, get rid of processed foods, get rid of most sugars. 

If you're diabetic, get rid of all sugars. It's not really that big a deal. A carnivore diet works perfectly fine. You get all of the nutrients you need... subject for another day.

That's it. That's my message for today. Accept that your goal is not some extreme fitness program, but that your goal is to move well, feel great and stay healthy. 

And with that, may you move well, stay healthy, be happy and live every single day with passion.