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Oct. 17, 2021

You Too Can Be Amazed

We shouldn't need reminders but as Peggy discovered "this stuff really works"


Yesterday was one of those days that truly confirms that what we do truly works. I don't need to be convinced, but it's very nice when things happen to clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of what we do. Yesterday at the studio to teach my general class, I had a bloated stomach from something I had eaten.

I think it was cashews, which I love, my bicep was rather tender whenever I raised my arm overhead. And my left hip is always a tad angry, but it's so much better than it had been years. During the class we use the courgeous balls and various size yoga tuneup balls, always a series that puts a smile on my face, truly a yummy experience.

We use the gorgeous ball to stretch out our arms back and spine that series took care of my bicep. 

We did a series of rolling moves, which moved down the spine and ultimately made it down the legs, but not without a detour to spend a little time with our abbs. Oh, my goodness only the coregous ball is acceptably be used on your stomach area. We went through a pose similar to a modified dolphin plank while we rolled our abbs. That one took care of my bloated stomach. While the class was in final relaxation. I started playing with the balls and found a release I would never have expected. As I shared earlier, my left hip is generally unhappy, more range of motion than pain any longer. 

I was seated with a coregous ball under my right hip while I rolled the large twin balls and the tote around my left hip. Oh my goodness. Huge improvement in the range of motion in my left hip, it almost lies as flat as my right shocking. So think about your maladies and concentrate on them.

When you come to class, you too can be amazed by the results you can realize it's all about movement. Feel free to post your comments on Facebook at the online community or email us at or text or call us at 503-440-3554