Nov. 7, 2022

Your Life's Purpose

Your Life's Purpose

Do you get overwhelmed when you think of your life's purpose? Is so maybe this will help.


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Good morning and welcome to today's podcast. As you can see the lighting's a little, a little, uh, What would you call it? 

A little strange. For those of you watching this on video. But it's because it's first thing in the morning and I've been thinking lately about my life's purpose. 

And it's funny how you can get caught up in thinking that you need to have this bigger than life purpose. This all encompassing mission. Well, I've had some thoughts on that and I'm realizing maybe a life's purpose cannot be discovered that easily. 

Think about how quickly the word... world changes. I don't know if you can come up with a purpose, it's going to still be.... a, life's purpose even 5, 10, 15, 20 years from now because the world changes so fast, things are so different. Delivery systems are so different. 

So I'm starting to wonder, is it possible that your life's purpose is joy and happiness?

I think that could be a good life's purpose. To live your life with joy, to live it with happiness... that becomes infectuous and, and helps other people. If you think about that it really makes a lot of sense, rather than some grandiose thing... now you may come across that grandiose thing, but what if you live every single day as if it was your life's purpose, to live that day full of joy and happiness. 

I think it's got some potential. But also how do we do that? 

I think the way you live a purposeful life is to be present, be grounded and present. Get up every morning, being present with yourself, being present with others. That's where you're going to find your purpose for that day. 

As your present, as you notice what's going on, you're going to know what your day's purpose is. Maybe today's purpose is to connect with other people. Maybe today's purpose is just to get off Facebook, get off of all the social media stuff and do some things like watching videos or listening to this podcast that are going to enrich you.

And then take that message and share it with others and, and embody it yourself. 

So let's make today's assignment... I kind of like giving these little assignments at the end... they're for myself as much as you, but let's make the day's assignment to be, to live a day at a time and make each day your purpose. 

Find your purpose, find your life's purpose, your daily life's purpose by being present and grounded. By taking a deep breath and letting all the distractions go. And living a life of purpose. 


I think that makes lots of sense. So for today, may you move well, stay healthy, be happy. Live every single day with purpose and passion. I'll talk to you next time. Have an amazing day.