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Nov. 29, 2021

Zero Carb Thanksgiving - No Sugar, No Stuffing, No Carbs!

Yep, I gave it a try, carnivore for Thanksgiving. It was WAY easier than I thought it was going to be! Here's the story


My first Thanksgiving as a carnivore, it's only been a few weeks, but I am so committed to a lifelong health, fitness, and just feeling great that I refused this year to eat anything but Turkey. 

It was interesting. 

Did people make fun of me? No. I had some sideways glances, maybe. I think my daughter was a little concerned that I wasn't being satisfied and happy, but as it turned out, I enjoyed the full Thanksgiving experience. 

And even better was at the end of the day, I was not bloated. I was not sick. I had not overeaten and I was not lethargic. 

I felt amazing. 

I think another part of it is because I was not worried about food I got to enjoy the grandkids and they were amazing this year. They interacted. They were concerned. They were glad grandpa and Peggy were there and they made it clear.

Maybe I would have not been able to enjoy that if it was all about the food. 

Now, when I went and got my food, when I picked up, I got a big old slab of dark meat. When I picked that slab of dark meat, there was some homemade apple sauce right next to it. That was a little bit of a siren song. I had to be sure.

I had to show a little willpower there because I thought, you know, Turkey is usually a little dry and I thought, Ooh, that applesauce would be just perfect to go with it. 

But no I didn't do it. And the macaroni and cheese and the rolls and some of the things I would have enjoyed in the past, I passed .

It was amazing. I woke up this morning. I felt incredible. I couldn't wait to get out of bed and lead my class, the people that made it for the day after Thanksgiving, the ones who were not comotose, 

I'm excited. Experiment was everything I hoped and more. I feel great. 

There is a point that I think we all need to make a decision.

Do we want to continue living our life sick, sore and in disease? Or do we want to move and feel great the rest of our life. To feel wonderful, engaging with the grandkids and just spending a wonderful day with the family and not making it all about a food addiction? 

Yeah, I think that's why I would suggest try it sometime.

It may surprise you.

With that move well, stay healthy, be happy, have an energetic and passionate life. Talk to you next time.